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  1. Yes! I've been hitting store envy shops heavily lately, and have picked up a lot of wish list polishes from people selling off their stash. I like store envy a lot better than Pinterest sale pages, it's easier for me to use.
  2. I agree! I have such a collection now, love them all.
  3. I love to buy polishes at Ulta when I get their coupons
  4. lightinthebox.com has a nice selection of nailart supplies. However watch the prices not everything is cheap!
  5. Does anyone know where to buy ibd just polish in Canada? Thanks💅
  6. Can someone please help me. Where can I buy Zoya Nail polish remover on Manhattan?
  7. It looks like there's an Ulta in Manhatten, I can't vouch for that location but at mine they carry Zoya.
  8. Yes, Ulta is where I usually buy it but I'm quite sure there isn't an Ulta in Manhattan. The closest one is in New Jersey.
  9. Yeah there's def no ulta in manhattan. The only one other than jersey is in westchester. Port Chester to be exact.
  10. There is no ULTA in Manhattan... There is one in Edgewater & Paramus

    You might want to check if they have it & will ship internationally

    You can also check Zoya's website
  11. Ok sorry, my googling failed then.
  12. I love to go to this beauty supply shop in SF! Its called discount beauty supply. They have all your beauty needs. I mainly go there for my nail stuff. Their prices are good. Opi regular nail polishes are $4 and China glaze $2. They have all the newest collections. They also carry gel polish such as gelish, opi, Essie, le chat ( I might be spelling it incorrect) and other brands. When I was there yesterday they had the opi Nordic collection both in polish and gel. They sell the gel sets for $80 I believe. Not too sure. If I'm needing my nail polish fix I go here.
  13. good work thanks

  14. Thanks! If you live in the Bay Area, I would suggest everyone check that place out. I live out in the Central Valley and could tied anything out here. I even went to Sacramento and the place that had 'good reviews' was terrible. They had nothing and it was all over priced.
  15. Found a good site for really pretty acrylics/glitter and other cool stuff. Have you guys heard of Therockstarnails.com ? they have a page on facbook too and you can actually talk to her not a big company so they get back to all my email super quick :P just thought I'd throw it out there while I was just recently speaking to her:biggrin::graucho::smile: