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  1. Hi ladies! I am new here in chanel forum. Just wondering where to shop on line. There is no chanel store here in the Philippines. I am hoping to get my first chanel and have it delivered to a friend in Florida. TIA! ;)
  2. Hi welcome to the forum!

    There are no authorised online retailers that I know of who sell Chanel but you could try calling major departmental stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks etc. who do phone orders and ship internationally. I'm not sure how it works exactly but you could ask some of the other girls who has done so.

    If not, you can always try eBay if you do not mind 2nd-hand or if you are looking for vintage pieces but bear in mind it can get tricky when it comes to dealing with authenticity issues. If you see anything you like on eBay, you could always post its link in the 'authenticity' thread/sub-forum and the girls there could help you check.

    Lastly, sorry but I don't quite get you in why are getting your first Chanel then having it delivered to a friend in Florida? As in a gift but it's your first time purchasing a Chanel?

    Hope the above helps! :smile:
  3. I'm going to close this as it's asked every week.
    please do a search, your'e bound to find several great threads:yes:
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