Where to Shop in San Francisco

  1. Hi there. I am going to San Francisco next month and want to know which shops I should definitely shop at while I am there.
  2. Union Square is a must stop for shopping - Saks, Neimans, Macys, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom. There's also DSW, H&M, Forever 21, Anthropologie, etc.

    There's great boutique shopping on Chestnut St., Fillmore St., Sacramento St. and Union St.

    Are you looking for discount, high-end, consignment, etc.?
  3. Union Square is a must for a mix of high-end (think Prada, Gucci, YSL, Chanel) :tup:and trendy stores (Forever 21 , H&M). My all time favorite is Reiss at the SF Shopping Center, and the Bloomies is a must-go as well (it's the flagship store for the West Coast).

    Fillmore, Union, and Chestnut have some great boutiques, although most of the items you can also find at Saks, Nordstroms, or Bloomies. I highly recommend De Novo :heart:on Fillmore/California. It's a small boutique that carries an array of dresses, jeans, and inexpensive clothing (most things are under $100). They also have some unique and pretty earrings!

    Venture out to Hayes Valley if you have some time as well. There are lots of high end clothing and shoes boutiques there. Azalea is a local favorite for clothing (men and women) and Gimme Shoes for shoes.
  4. Thank you!!! I will definitely hit union square then... Have you heard of any vintage shops there?
  5. there's no vintage shops in union square. for vintage, there's some trendy ones on haight street (buffalo exchange, crossroads, aardvarks', what goes around comes around), some higher end ones in the fillmore, as well as some scattered throughout the mission.
  6. I second the Haighst St recommendation for vintage. They have a bunch of vintage stores and cute little boutiques. I've found some great deals there!
  7. I agree with what everyone is saying :smile:
  8. If you have time to venture outside of S.F. there are outlets too! I haven't been in years, but there are some in Gilroy, Napa, St. Helena and Vacaville. All are 1+ hours away from the city.
  9. For some great finds, you should check out Cris on Polk st. It's a designer consignment/vintage shop. Also check out Jeremy's in South Park. It's like a designer outlet.
  10. Also check out a large store called American Rag on Van Ness, which is outside of Union Square but sort of close to Cris.
  11. Sacramento St. has a couple consignment stores that are pretty good - Designer Consigner and Good Byes.
  12. Wow,
    I'm pretty close to SF...thanks for all the good leads...
  13. On Sunday, Telegraph St in Berkeley has a lot of people selling home-made jewelry if you are into one-of-a-kind jewelry.
  14. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions- I will definitely spend a couple of days just wandering aroung Haight Street and the others and hopefully find some goodies!!! Thanks again! :yahoo:
  15. I love the Mall on 19th Ave.