Where to shop in NYC

  1. Hello Ladies:

    I was wondering where to go in NYC for good deals on clothes and shoes (preferably lower Manhattan). I already know about Century 21 but other than that I have no other ideas.

    Also, could any of you suggest a good daytime activity in the city (i.e. Central Park, etc)? Thanks so much!
  2. INA in Soho for second hand designer finds!

    I'd drop by both stores, the one in Soho and Nolita. If the women that work there are mean to you, just ignore them.
  3. If you want really cheap second hand clothes (sometimes you may find brandnames in the mix if you're lucky), and you're willing to make a trek out to williamsburg or park slope- visit Beacon's Closet.


    There's also another second hand designer store somewhere in the East Village, but I forget it's name and I forget which street it's on. It's run by these japanese folks.
  4. i think you're talking about tokyo 7 near st. marks?
  5. you should also check out duty free apparel which is around the macy's 34th street area
  6. i think it got to be the outlet shops!! Woodbury Common Premium Outlets!!!

    I was there few weeks ago! they have great offers in most store! i love it! :biggrin:
  7. Loehmann's on 7th Avenue between 16th and 17th Street, but only their designer floor is any good. Their purse section tends to be boring.
  8. yup! I love their stuff... although I find the webcams above the dressing rooms and the super short dressing doors a little... sketchy. :oh: have you noticed?

  9. I go there ALL the time I love it!..yes there purse section,and shoe section is boring!.. Im always next to the premium denim area =D