Where to shop in NYC? Any cool malls? Please give me some recommendations...=)

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  1. So in a few weeks, I'm planning a day trip to NYC! It's not my first trip to NY, but I haven't been there in YEARS.

    The trip is just going to be for 1 day (12 hours) and I'll be dropped off in Rockefeller Center.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE designers, so are there any particular malls that I should go to? Any particular streets with boutiques?

    Please give me some recommendations to trendy cafes, restaurants, etc.

    I can't wait until my 1 day spree in NYC!! That rhymes, hehe... :smile:
    Thanks in advanced ladies!
  2. There's really no malls in NYC, except the Manhattan Mall, which I'd avoid like the plague. Obvs. you know Fifth and Madison Aves. (or least I hope you do)

    Just hit up the regular haunts:

    In Manhattan:
    Soho -- Broadway; Mercer St.; Spring St.; Prince St.
    Lolita -- Elizabeth St.; Mulberry St.
    East Village -- Ludlow St.; Orchard St.
    West Village -- Eighth Ave. west and below 14th St. (little West12th st.); 14th st. west of Eighth Ave.; Bleecker St.

    In Brooklyn:
    Williamsburg -- Bedford St.

    And check tPf for any sample sales that might be happening the day you're here! Usually there's something happening at the Met Pav. which is on 18th st. between 6 + 7th aves.

    Happy shopping!

    and for happy eatings, if you make a reservation now you may be able to get a table at Balthazar on Spring St. in SoHo. Go there if you like French brasserie food or raw oysters (they have the best). I'd suggest brunch or lunch there, because it gets quite loud during dinner.
    I also love Vento on 14th St. in Meatpacking, or if you love sushi and have a lot of $$$, Gari East in the Upper East Side. The best sushi of your life, I promise! If you'll be in Williamsburg, Planet Thai is delicious Thai/Japanese for super cheap.
  3. I agree w/ amanda w/ NY's shopping areas. Have fun!
  4. The last time I was in NYC, I was a young child...so I don't recall any of those streets :shocked: lol. Soho sounds like a good place, especially with that restaurant. Is it located near Rockefeller Center (where I'm being dropped off)? Are there any Louis Vuitton boutiques there? I'm ready for my next LV splurge haha!
  5. Oh...and is it accessible by train? What would be the best way for me to get from Rockefeller Center to SOHO?
  6. There's a LV on 57th and 5th. Also Saks (on 50th/5th) carries a big selection of LV.
  7. i think those are good suggestions amandabug. you can take a train to anywhere. one thing though -- it's nolita, not lolita (i know it's just a typo but i have this vision of treschic asking someone how to get to lolita ... and that would be a totally different thing). if you're looking for more of the louis vuitton traditional ny shopping, i'd start on 5th -- walkable from where you are, b/c Saks is across 5th from rockefeller and just walk north on 5th to hit all the big stores and you'll get to LV. if you were looking for malls then dept stores may be your best bet, esp if it's cold that day.

    do not go to manhattan mall under any circumstances.
  8. i just had a really good laugh imagining someone getting into a cab and asking the driver to take her to lolita.

    excuse my typo!

    p.s. soho is not near rockefeller, unless "near" means about 50 city blocks to you! totally take the subway (the F at rockefeller, downtown, to Bway/Lafayette) or if you're going to be shopped out major, cabs are true pals. please don't limit yourself to LV -- there's so many great smaller labels that you can buy five things for the price of one LV bag! (and also i love the chanel boutique in soho. chanel over lv, for sure)
  9. Wonderful...I think I'll start off at 5th ave since it's pretty near Rockefeller Center. Then maybe I'll go to SoHo if I need to. Are there any good places for lunch on 5th ave?

    Just curious...what's wrong with Manhattan Mall?
  10. Hey!
    Well, if you did go to a mall, there wouldn't necessarily be anything there you couldn't find on Newbury Street! (I've lived in both cities.)

    Just 12 hours, eh? Instead of going down to SoHo (which is where you'd get your Marni, Marc Jacobs, APC . . .), I recommend you just stay in the midtown area, where there is PLENTY of fabulous shopping for someone who likes designer stuff. If you were looking for edgy designers, I'd say to go to Ludlow St. on the Lower East Side for sure (just below Houston -- the intersection of Ludlow and Rivington is the epicenter). TG-170 is one of my faves. There are at least 5 other super-hip places within 50 feet of that!

    BUT. You sound like a girl who would appreciate BERGDORF (5th and 58th). It is beyond anything in Boston!

    If you head a little south from Bergdorf, there's Saks (5th and 55th), which is HIGHLY shoppable. I mean, they have stuff that's fabulous that you will actually buy. They often have stuff on sale.

    For something a little MORE rarified, you really should check out Takashimaya, the Japanese luxury department store (5th and 56th). There's a lot of beautiful stuff to look at. The cosmetics area rocks. You could go to the Tea Box Cafe downstairs.

    Now, if you head north and a couple of blocks east of Bergdorf, you will find yourself at Barney's (Madison and 60th). Do they have one in Boston? Well, even if they do, I'm guessing this one is bigger. If you're actually shopping for Jil Sander, Narciso Rodriguez, etc. it's a good place to go. But if you're a Co-op shopper, I'd say maybe skip this because you wouldn't necessarily find anything you couldn't find back home.

    When you you like designers, do you mean stuff like Hermes, Chloe, Versace? If so, then you'll like wandering up Madison (north of Barney's).

    There's also an Intermix and a Calypso along there -- you have those in Boston, though!

    There's also a LeSportsac store -- at around 80th? (Wear comfortable shoes!)

    In that area, an interesting place to go for lunch might be the Cafe at the Neue Galerie -- it's like an old Viennese cafe (which goes with what the collection is) but it's COOL. This is a new museum in a really fancy old building!
    It's someplace to go that's actually interesting and that a lot of tourists who get dropped off at Rockefeller Center wouldn't think of going to! PLUS, they have Klimt paintings up! Like the dorm-room poster, except in real life, with real gold leaf and stuff. Even if you're not that into art, you will LOVE that. And you'll be able to say you did more than just shop in NY!

    Here's the site for the actual cafe.

    When your feets are all tired out, hop a cab back down to Rockefeller!
  11. 12 hours is not too much time...forget Soho and stay mid town indeed...from your drop off you have Saks as mentioned...the new shoe dept is divine. I actually love to eat at the cafe on the 8th floor...ask for a window seat. In Roc Plaza you have a great J Crew and on 5th. a huge H and M. That should take some good time. After that I would walk up 5th. towards 57th Street and you can stop by Prada on your way uptown as well as Bendels. On 57th you have LV, Burberry, etc..if you have extra time, walk back down 5th or Madison and stop at the St. Regis hotel for tea...really lovely. Gucci is around there too. Have fun and buy lots>>>
  12. manhattan mall is just full of the same chain stores that litter america ... express, sunglass hut, auntie anne's pretzels, the whole westfield shoppingtown thing ... i mean, don't get me wrong, i'm not saying those stores are useless, but it's the exact opposite of what you're looking for if you're coming to manhattan to shop from anywhere else in america. also, its location is terrible b/c there's no good shops around there either except for the flagships of chain stores. like huge victoria's secret, old navy, h&m (there might even be two of each of those). and macy's, which is totally not worth it if you're looking for designers and you only have 12 hours in the city. anyway, my point is it would just be a complete waste of time for you.

    btw, saks is on 5th across the st from rockefeller center, at 49th/50th, not at 55th. i like the takashimaya tea box cafe and st. regis suggestions. freds at barneys is also nice and very classic new york shopping lunch.

    soho will give you more of the downtown new york street shopping / discovery feel, and 5th is the classic big-name designer/department store experience. if you start walking up 5th and you're not feeling the 5th ave vibe, and the weather is nice, you could take a cab or train down to soho and do the whole walking around/smaller boutique thing.
  13. So what did you end up doing and buying?? For some reason I care!