Where to shop in Nashville?

  1. So I just found out that my friend, who is a pastry chef, has a competition or something to attend in Nashville. I'm going with him with some other friends, and none of us have been to Nashville before. For all the TPFers there, where are the best places to shop? Any other suggestions about things to see would also be appreciated :smile:
  2. I was in Nashville a couple months ago on business....Mall at Green Hills is the destination! Spreading the love here...thanks to fellow tPF'ers they helped me out too when I needed Nashville info!!

  3. I'll be in Nashville in a few weeks, too. The only mall I've ever been to there is Opry Mills, and it's been so long that I'v forgotten what it's like, so if anyone knows any other good places to shop, let me know!
  4. I really like Opry Mills.
  5. The Mall at Green Hills is the nicest mall, and in a lovely part of town. There are plenty of good restaurants in the area. Look at the other thread about going to nearby Hillsboro Village, where there are nice restaurants and cute boutiques. There is also Cool Springs Mall in Franklin, TN: a typical big mall. The town center of Franklin is also very cute with boutiques and restaurants. Opry Mills is an outlet mall. It is a mix of tourists and locals. I am uncomfortable every time I go to that mall because it attracts some rather scrappy-looking people (especially rude and forward men), but there are some good deals. I really don't go there unless I am with my boyfriend. Plus the outlets are just last year's stuff, which can be fine for basics. So, I would say go to Green Hills for nice stuff and check out Hillsboro Village. Pancake Pantry is a must if you like pancakes. They are worth the wait!
  6. I'm from Nashville and Opry Mills is certainly not a mall to be scared of, people are not scrappy there, and it is in the heart of tourist city (a hop and a skip from the Opryland Hotel which is nice). It is primarily for tourists and caters to them with things such as the Rain forest cafe and the aquarium restaurant.

    However, it does not have upscale (Gucci, Tiffany, LV) stores. It is a typical mall (Aeropostale, Guess, Old Navy, Saks outlet, etc). They call it an outlet but from my experience the prices are the same damn thing as a regular mall. If you want regular stores go to Opry Mills or Cool Springs. Mall at Green Hills is the only "upscale" mall with Tiffany and LV and such.
    Nashville is a very southern city despite its size and no one gives "two ****s" what label you wear (so the malls reflect that).

    If you have any questions let me know.
  7. I love boutique bella (boutiquebella.com).
  8. ooo, soooo many good choices! I went to college in NashVegas so I'm very familiar with all the shopping spots.:graucho:

    ~Mall at Green Hills: all your usual "mall stores" like Express, bebe, J Crew, etc.. but also have Louis Vuitton, Tiffany's, Betsey Johnson, a HUGE BCBG, several nice shoe stores, Sephora..

    In terms of boutiques:

    ~Boutique Bella on West End, very close to the Vandy campus, good selection of Michael Stars, high-end denim, fun dresses, belts, jewelry, etc..

    ~Jamie: farther down on West End past Vandy, lots of high-end shoes like Choo, Manolo, lots of fun up and coming designers like Philip Lim, Milly, Tibi, etc..

    ~The Cotton Mill: on 21st Ave just past Green Hills mall. Fabulous. That is all. You must go. :heart:

    ~the Hillsboro Village area on 21st Ave (before you get to Green Hills) has several fun boutiques that are less pricey, like Posh and Posh Shoes, Pangea (really fun funky kind of hippie clothes), Firefinch (accessories).

    I'm currently blanking on anywhere else..The Dillard's at Cool Springs Mall, which is south of the city in Franklin, is a good one, and there are a few more boutiques in that area.

    Have fun! You must eat some Maggie Moo's Better Batter icecream, and get a Bread & Co sandwich. I'm having serious withdrawls..:crybaby:
  9. i'm going to have to agree with green hills mall. as for things to do, you must visit the honky tonks downtown on broadway and 2nd ave. the famous wildhorse saloon is on 2nd. although i don't care for country music, the country music hall of fame is pretty cool. i've been there a couple times with out-of-towners and people seem to like it. downtown franklin is about 30-45 mins from downtown nashville, but it's cute and quaint to walk around. visiting some civil war historical sites is also interesting. the prettiest is the carnton plantation in franklin. those are just some things i do when i have guests in town.

    it's going to be hot as blazes when you come. today, it's mid-90's (which doesn't sound bad), but high humidity. i used to live in CA and about died my first summer here.

    there are some ok places to eat around town. pancake pantry is always on people's lists because they think they'll see a country music star. the pancakes are pretty good. i would say only go if you have the time. my favorite place to eat is calypso cafe. i like bread & company too.

    if you have any questions, just ask!
  10. Thank you everyone for all of the suggestions!
  11. Ditto to all this! Including the better batter ice cream. :drool: My BF moved to East Nashville. It's okay over here (and getting better), but when I went to Vandy I lived right by Boutique Bella and all those restaurants and I miss it so much. This is a great area of town to stay in because you can walk soooooooo many different places. Soshesaid, where are you staying? Downtown is also close to this area. If you are taking a cab, you can tell the driver to go to the Vanderbilt/West End area. Boutique Bella is in the Park Place shopping center on West End and 28th, across from Centenntial Park (it has a full-size replica of the Parthenon!!). Hillsboro Village is on 21st near the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. I hope you have a great time here! It's a fun place.

  12. Ditto to all of this.....especially the withdrawals part......

    And I agree with pink_dolphin about Opry Mills....maybe half of the stores are actual outlets. And there is another outlet mall in Lebanon, TN, which is about 25-30 min east of Nashville on I-40.

    Oh, and you have to hit 2nd Ave and Broadway downtown.