Where to Shop in LA??

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  1. Hi,
    My friend is going to be in LA for three days, and wants some good shop ideas. So far I have recommended: Satine, Lisa Kline and Ron Herman.
    Just wondering if anybody could recommend any other 'must see' boutiques,
  2. Kitson
  3. basically anything on Robertson Blvd.

    South Coast Plaza in Orange County also has some boutiques exclusive only to SCP (so exclusive that even Rodeo Drive nor New York would have them!), so if she can, tell her about the mall. :smile: South Coast Plaza
  4. Horn
    Fred Segal

    And check out Rodeo.
  5. I agree with all the stores the others listed above! and also, in September's issue of Lucky, there was an LA shopping guide.. maybe she can use that..
  6. ^Definitely check out that issue. I love shopping in Santa Monica at Planet Blue on Main St. and all the boutiques on Abott Kinney nearby, especially Principessa, the staff is wonderful, so helpful, great sales, just perfect!
  7. Thanks for all those great tips! have compiled a list for my friend, which should be very helpful.
    One more question ... is the shopping guide from Luckymag available on the website, or would i have to find the September issue to purchase?
    thanks again,
  8. I would recommend shopintuition.