Where to shop in Denver?

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  1. I'm planning a ski trip at Breckenridge, Colorado in February. We're flying in and out of Denver airport, and driving to Breckenridge, and I'm thinking of stopping over for an extra day for some shopping in Denver on the return leg .

    I've never been to Denver before. Where are the shopping enclaves to shoot for in Denver? Anywhere to stay so I'm close to where the shopping is? I'm hoping to score clothes/bags and kid's stuff in general, and some Bbags for ME in particular!
  2. I don't live in Denver, just go to visit DH's stepmom sometimes, so I am probably not really in the know, but here's my take on things. I didn't see bbags, had actually meant to ask before we last went, but the Cherry Creek area has good shopping. The mall with the NM and Saks is right there, and there are lots of little boutiques and restaurants there. Not sure about the children's boutiques, since my baby doesn't arrive till March (but I know there's a Pea in the Pod there...) There's a very nice JW Marriott hotel right there in the area. The concierge floors could be good with the kids, since you can get snacks and drinks for free.
  3. I ditto everything kimberf said with the following additions. The NM in Cherry Creek Mall carries Bbags. Lots of them. It's just down the street from the JW Marriott. Definitely the place to stay if you want to be close to shopping, nice restaurants, and in a very walkable neighborhood.
  4. Thanks, kimberf and Decophile for the tips :flowers: I shall definitely look into making the JW Marriott my 'base' then! Anywhere else to shop within driving distance, in case I exhaust the Cherry Creek Mall? Bearing in mind I've got only 2 shopping days, so it can't be too far away.
  5. Are there any outlet malls around Denver?
  6. The one I know of is an hour or so south of Denver - Castle Rock Outlets. I haven't been there for about ten years, but I remember they had an Off Fifth outlet.
  7. there is also park meadows. I think there is a Nordstrom there and some other stores too. I dont get to go there too often because it is a bit far from where I live. But as far as I remember, the mall is pretty nice.
  8. Definitely stay at the marriott. I haven't been there in years, but always had great stays there! Have fun!
  9. kimberf, missrabbit, me_love_purse: whoa ladies, many thanks :love: for all your suggestions :yahoo: Trust tPF ladies to have the best answers to questions on SHOPPING :wlae:

    JadeLeaves: Yup, just booked the Marriott :graucho: Hey, I'm leaving on Jan 26, I'll just miss you coming in. PM you about this :flowers:
  10. Nice one! Make sure you have a meal at Second Home/Mirepoix @Marriott. Hotel Teatro has a rather nice restaurant too, darned if I can remember the name! Frasca in Boulder (a bit of a drive) is pretty nice too, but again, it's been awhile since we've been there!

    Hee hee I know you asked for shopping tips, I don't have any, only foodie ones!
  11. Another great shopping enclave is Larimer Square in Downtown (more like Lower Downtown, or Lodo). If you're coming to Denver in winter, Larimer Square is a MUST. It's beautifully lit up, and bursting with eclectic and high end independent boutiques and some of the best restaurants in Denver. If you walk around Lodo a little, you will find other nice boutiques with great variety. The area is vibrant and festive, and there are lots of cafes to stop in for a quick bite, coffee, gelato (that's right, in the freezing cold, why not? :p) places if you need a moment to rest your feet. This is also the general neighborhood where you'll find Denver's performing arts center, which is one of the biggest in the world. Also Hotel Teatro that Jadeleaves mentioned is in Lodo. The restaurant there is Kevin Taylor. They also have a more casual restaurant attached to them that changes names every other year so I can't keep track! But the current permutation is Italian, I believe.

    For fabulous Spanish/mediterrean high end cuisine, try Rioja (res a must). For a charming and great authentic French Bistro with fabulous ambience try Bistro Vendome accross the street from Rioja. One of my favorite Denver restaurants is also on this block, Tamayo, gourmet Mexican, utterly inventive, utterly delicious. And for your steak kinda place, Capital Grille is also on this block. These are just a few restaurants on Larimer Square. There are tons more, and tons more smaller places and shopping boutiques.

    Dang, I've gotten myself salivating now! Think I'll walk on over to Larimer Square over lunch and see what loot I can gather :upsidedown:.
  12. there is another outlet mall, near Breckenridge, in Silverthorne. Go there sometime after a ski day, it's not too far -- you'll pass it on your way there.

    Another suggestion - go to Vail for the afternoon when you're in Breckenridge - they have some really fun shopping.
  13. JadeLeaves, Decophile, alisonanna: Lotsa thanks for all your suggestions :flowers:

    Think I'm gonna have to extend my trip...sounds like there's more to eat and shop than I orginally thought!