Where to shop in Boston

  1. Besides the obvious places, does anyone have any recommendations on where to shop in Boston - unique boutiques, etc??? I plan on going to Luna Boston, but do you know of any others???
  2. Come on, where are all the Boston ladies? :smile:
  3. hello! i used to live in boston when i went to college.

    there's tons of places to shop.

    for a start, there's newbury street where you can find:

    intermix (newbury and exeter)
    louis boston (newbury and berkeley)
    riccardi (newbury and dartmouth)
    and many more boutiques all along newbury.

    and there's copley place where there's a new Barney's NY, Neiman Marcus, Saks fifth and then smaller boutiques such as Christian Dior etc
  4. Newbury St. in Boston is where all the boutiques are
    (Emporio/Georgio Armani, Marc Jacobs...DKNY, Cole Haan, Kate Spade, Nike shop are some I remember)
    I also second Ricardi (it's more towards the park end where the numbers are higher)
    If you like Urban outfitters (it's at the beginning of Newbury St. right across the street from Virgin Records.

    If you go to the end ot Newbury St. towards the Park, you can hop on to Huntington Ave. for Escada, St. John, and Hermes etc...)

    If you're shopping on Newbury.. I'd highly recomment Stephanies for lunch.. their stephi burger is the best... (sometimes they also have lobster potpie which is fantastic!!) and Tapeo for dinner (Tapeo is by far the best Spanish Tapas restaurant I've ever been to)

    On Huntington Ave (the one next to Newbury) there is the Atlantic fish for seafood and Abe & Louie for Steak. (They are non-chain local restaurants with very good food) Also Vinny Testas is here for fabulous Italian dishes that can feed 3 ppl with one plate!!

    Also there is the Coply mall (also prudential mall connected) which is like the high end fancy mall with Saks/Neimans and nice boutiques, like Tiffany, I'm sure you can google to find listings!!!..

    Definitely go up the prudential tower to the Top of the Hub for tray of cookies!! and the view!!

    If you want to bargain shop take the orange line (where the orange line subway meets the green line subway) (or the cab) to Downtown crossing.. there is Filene's Basement Macy and some nice cool local things to do there... you can walk around and go into wacky shops that sell wigs, body piercing jewelry..

    If you are into local/historical sightseeing combined with touristy shops definitely try the Quincy market!!

    all are accessible by T!! (metro)

    PM me if you have any other questions. I'd be happy to answer them~
  5. Thanks, girls! I knew I could count on you! Lobster potpie - now that sounds yummy! Wish me luck...I am going on a purse hunt tomorrow.
  6. Oh yeah totally forgot the Louie Vuitton, Gucci, Dior is inside the Coply mall~
  7. you must eat at mistral! it's french fare and it's soo yummy!! aww...i miss boston now :sad:
  8. Oh yeah..
    So many good place to eat in Boston..
    I miss it very much!!!

    I'm not having as much fun dining out here in DC
  9. you're not going to believe it, but i think the food is so much better in boston than nyc. nyc has soooo many restaurant and choices but nothing is too spectacular, not even the very expensive ones. and all my friends agree too. go figure. hehe.
  10. wow! thanks ! That is sooo useful! I was going to post something asking for shopping tips for my trip to Boston in September!

    Can anyone please tell me what sort of weather we can expect, we are going 12th-20th. (we are doing a quick visit on NY too)?

    thanks very much ! keep the suggestions coming girls!
  11. They said this week will be nice, in 60s to 70s with some clouds. Last weekend, it rained so I hope this weekend is alot better. Yesterday was gorgeous.
    Oh, if you like premium outlets there is WRENTUM mall on 495- about 1 hour away from Boston.
    Chestnuthill mall has Bloomies and I want to say NM also. The mall is in Newton/ChestnutHill area- off of Route 9.
    Have fun! Bring an umbrella!!!
  12. Definatley shop at Copley Mall! So many boutiques and Neimans and Saks. Louis Boston, Jasmine Sola, Armani,DKNY, Kate Spade on Newbury. The North End is great for Italian Food. There is a new jean store in the North End callin "Injeanious" TONS of cool designer jeans. Food at Sonsie on Newbury is fabulous as well as Stephanie's on Newbury. Too much to list! PM me with any questions I'd love to help!
  13. ^^^ i was just going to say jasmine sola! great boutique!
  14. Also remember that in Boston any clothing item less than $200 is TAX FREE~