Where to shop for tanning lotion?

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  1. I recently bought that same product on ebay and I got two full size bottles for, I think, $46. Cheap, cheap, cheap.
  2. I had bought some hawin tropic tanning bed lotion that said it was OK for indoor tanning beds. And my salon wouldn't let me use it. In every room they have signs that if you don't purchase from a reputable salon you could be getting "fake" lotion. Like from ebay, etc...

    And they said the walmart/kmart lotions break the acrylic...

    I was pissed. So I now have 2 bottles I can't use..

    My friend loaned me a bottle until i got my own... I plan on getting it off ebay... I have before and they have worked fine...

    But I am sure if they asked where I purcahsed it and I said ebay they wouldn't let me use it... But i won't tell. LOL

    I recommened Lime in 'Da Coconut By Squeeze.

    Very nice.

    Wow that website someone rec'md is great!!!!!!!

    http://www.lotions2go.com/freesamples-c-342.html Tons of great deals!
  3. UPDATE! I bought 2 lotions and it came to $26.00!!!

    I also recieved a $5.00 voucher that I used, for posting a comment in their blog. She also did a price match for me as well!!!!

    There was a lotion that was $12.95 on another site and she had it listed for at least $15 I believe... She took it down to $12.50 for me...

    I bought the Supre Dark Maximizer 10 oz bottle... and the Supre Tempt Dark maximizer 8oz bottle...

    Great customer service!
  4. i use designer skin "ultimate love junkie" and bought it on eBay for about $20.