Where to shop for business casual and business?

  1. I'm a college student, and I don't really own much in the way of business-casual/business attire. I will be working in an office, though, and need to buy some.

    Where should I go shopping to buy nice pieces for budget prices? (I live in CT but could get to NYC pretty easily)
  2. If you live close to an Ann Taylor or an Ann Taylor Loft, I would recommend you go there.
  3. H&M for sure. They have some great pieces you can put together for a low price.
  4. I usually go to Ann Taylor and Banana Republic.
  5. Banana Republic.
  6. New York and Company - it's cheap and they have all the basics (although the quality and fit are both so-so...but for the price it's not bad). Don't forget TJ Maxx and Marshalls too!
  7. Ann Taylor Loft can be super economical with sales. Sometimes Express and H&M have cool things for work too.

    For somewhat higher quality, Banana Republic
  8. i go to banana republic and j.crew for my office-wear. the quality is great, the prices are reasonable and a lot of things go on sale. i'm a recent college grad and i shop there all the time!
  9. try theory.. i love their suiting. their sample sale should be around december or so in nyc if you can wait that long.
  10. another vote for ann taylor/ann taylor loft
  11. I would try filene's basement, macy's (they have really good sales lately-a friend just got three suits and 2 shirts for $200), marshalls and tjmaxx. You may have to do some digging, but it's worth it for the potentially great deals.
  12. I'm an Ann Taylor/Loft & Banana Republic devotee also! You get great value with their sales and won't have to dig as much compared to discount stores (where only a few sizes are usually available).

    Ann Taylor/AT Loft is good for suitings, trouser pants (ones made of wool and lined) & jackets. Not so much for tops. And their sweaters are too "proper" for me.

    Banana Republic is good for skirts, pants (the chino-type??) and sweaters. The factory store is especially a haven for good deals!
  13. Ann Taylor.
    Ann Taylor.
    Ann Taylor!!!

    I was a student once, and I went from NO business/biz cazh clothes to a closet (and more) full of them. I never, never, never buy anything full price there, because their selection at sales is FAB. With petites, they have stuff great for shorter people (I'm 5'7", so I don't like model-length pants). It's classic, it's conservative (most of the time), and you can't possibly go wrong.
  14. Club Monaco or Mexx
  15. Banana Republic and J Crew make really great basics.

    If you can get to a BCBG outlet, they usually carry some of the other Max Azria brands too. I got a suit there and they had a bunch of other blazers and dress pants I regret not getting. All of the stuff was very classic and work appropriate, but it didn't look "old" or stuffy.

    Also, I love the twill pants from Delia's. I have them in every color. They're the only khakis that fit me right.