Where to send my Tod's bag for repair

  1. I bought a Tods' D bag from Yoox a couple of months ago, and the handle broke off, and I'm sort of in a shock. I did not overload it, and I really expected better quality from such an expensive bag.
    I need to find out where I can get it fixed; there is a Neiman Marcus close by but am not sure if they will fix bags that were not bought at their stores. What do I do? I emailed the online customer service at Tods.com; but they have not replied yet.
  2. I was given a Tods' bag from Italy about two years, and now a wire is coming out of the handle. I do not overload my bag because I notice they wear and tear more when it's heavy. I really thought I can handle the wire coming out of the bag but it's damaging my clothes.

    I need to find out where I can get it fixed; as I'm not sure if they will fix my bag because it was given to me by my client as a gift and it wasn't bought in the city. not bought at their stores. What do I do? Please help. Thank you.
  3. I haven't had any of those problems mine was a staining problem (light bag, against dark jeans not a good idea)

    I had went into my tod's store and they recommended this place to me http://www.factotumleather.com/
    I do not know if it is good or not, as I have never used them just thought I would tell you what I was told at my tods store since they send it out to them.
  4. Wow, tod's doesn't have a repair shop? That's shocking consider the price is so expensive.
  5. I had problems with my Large Tods Girelli bag as one of the metal rings came off all the time. I bought the bag abroad but handled in at my local Tods Boutique and they sent it to Italy. It came back within 6 weeks, free of charge and with a spare dustbag.
    I also had a problem with a pair of boots as the stud came off and they repaired free of any charge even though I couldn't provide them with a receipt. So I would strongly recommend a visit to a local Tods Boutique.
  6. Hi, Tod's customer service website told me they don't have a repair service but recommend and use The Leather Spa in Long Island City, New York. I had an item repaired there - great repair and service but not inexpensive.


    They do have other New York locations, though, shown on their website.
  7. Most of the brands do not send their bags back to Italy/France as a first resort. They use reputable local professional leather repair. This is a fact of life. Unless you purchased the bag at the boutique, and within a set amount of time (1 year for many), they will make a recommendation. I think that lots of people don't know this.
  8. I just bought a tods bauletto in a lovely grey taupe colour, but noticed a small thread in the corner poking up. It doesn't look like a stitch that's broken, just a sort of back thread coming through... has anyone else had this problem and is it worth returning because of it?