WHERE to Send for Repair/ Rejuvenation & WHERE to Buy Products

  1. I thought this would be a good thread to start for those of us looking for professional cleaners for our Bbags! I need to find someone I can trust in the Boston area- or anywhere in Mass. If those of you who had your Bbags cleaned by someone great could you list the state and name of the place- this may be helpful for people looking to do this!:yes:

    Also- I need to have extra tassels made!
  2. OH ME TOO! Los Angeles area please!!!

    Thanks for starting this thread, zacorey!
  3. ^^^I'm glad I'm not alone! LOL!
  4. Anyone in the Houston area?
  5. toni recommended a company in NY called "art bags" which you can google...I have no personal experience with it yet
  6. sorry...it is called Art Bag .......no s
  7. here's the info from the new york times on two places

    Bag Repair
    Art Bag
    735 Madison Avenue
    Modern Leather Goods
    2 West 32nd Street
    Spilt Chianti, melted lipstick, vicious subway doors — when it's time to take that classic Kelly into the shop, go where Tod's, Stephane Kélian, Saks, and Denise Ridge go — to Art Bag or Modern Leather Goods. The two shops see 200 bags a week each — and employ a small army of leather workers and fabric houses. Services start at simple strap repairs and fabric dry cleaning (for about $65) and go right up through relining, rewelting, reglazing, replating, or giving up and re-creating.
  8. Thanks Varsha! That should help a lot of people in that area!!!:yes: If I can't find anyone good by me I will drive to NY- I'm originally from there anyway!
  9. you're welcome...I might even send one of my bags there one day....if I was in the east coast i would be so there...you know they probably cater to the rich madison avenue people who want perfection, so they are probably good...

    chassurewhore recommended someone in LA but I'll let her give the info
  10. in LA, the place is arturo's shoe repair in beverly hills. however, he does not take credit cards and is not great with mailing things. his work is good, and i drop and pick my things up when i am in LA. i deal with ari. he has refurbished handles on one bal bag for me. he will repaint, etc, but i dont like the look of repainted bags.
  11. I had my white medium Balenciaga bag cleaned by Hallak Cleaners in NYC on UES. Hallak Cleaners is what many stores send their stuff to. When I came to pick up the bag, I saw garment bags arriving from Pucci, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, etc! Here's the website: http://www.hallak.com/

    They completely removed all the dark marks and scuffs from the bag and made it nice and white. Now it's dirty thanks to me. :lol: Then I Applegard-ed it to make it supple and to recondition it.
  12. ^ They also have a place in NJ- for those of you in that area!
  13. In Los Angeles...Angelo's Shoe repair on Montana in Santa Monica,
    he is a miracle worker!! I have had many bags, shoes cleaned and repaired there for years, and I am picky!
  14. I am so bummed out! One of the bales came off today; it just so happened to be one of the ones that holds the shoulder strap on. I noticed it right after I got back in my car and was driving away from a store. I looked in my car but it probably came off some where in the parking lot or in the actual store. So do go back and look for it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Do you think I could somehow get a new bale from Balenciaga? Or am I screwed because I purchased it from an eBay seller? :cry:
  15. I want to see!!
    Maybe you could buy the part off of them?
    Sorry :sad: