Where to sell?

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  1. #1 Sep 15, 2010
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    Hi, wondering if you ladies would know. I got it this year but am finding it slightly too big for my needs. It's in practically new condition so I want to sell it somewhere that will get a good value. I'm looking to get the smaller pm or maybe the brea instead. Do you guys have any recommendations for where you all decide to sell a bag you just don't love that much anymore? Thanks. I'm afraid of ebay and its high value fees but if that's a good recommendation I will go that route. How is bonanzle?
  2. I'd be curious to know as well. I tried listing a Prada bag I had on ebay...didn't sell. I'm not sure why because it's in near perfect condition. I also tried going thru yogi's closet but that didn't pan out either.
  3. id say ebay but it may not sell if you have littlw feedback, or you may not get the price you want. Bonanzle is good not high fees but then again dont know if it will sell. i would try fashionphile, cosign with them or they can do a direct buy. ive sold a few of my items to them, but its better to cosign you get about 15% more back. good luck
  4. anybody ever sell/consign through yoogi's closet? i know lots of people buy through them.
  5. Maybe bonanzle? I've never sold anything, but I've seen lots of LV being sold there.
  6. Ditto. I put a few Coach bags- classic leather- perfect condition b/c I hardly ever wear them. They didn't sell. I got a few offers for like $20 :o I mean, I wasn't expecting a TON, but $20 for a perfect condition large black leather classic hobo? Please. I simply declined.

    I do know you can submit bags to like BBOSPrivatesale.com & also to FashionPhile. They do consignment or pay cash or store credit (offers vary). But, they do low ball you a little.
  7. FashionPhile is really good. They communicate with you the whole way through and they do usually get top dollar on consignments. I have researched this quite a bit because I sold a few different items with different consignors and had some pretty bad experiences.
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    i'm sorry but im no help at all ):
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    Has anyone sold on consignment with Fashionphile? I want to sell my x to fund a mon mono NF. I was also thinking about the bay but i dont know which is better since the bay charges some commission.

    I also noticed that Fashionphile has 3 different ways you can sell it to them: direct purchase, consignment and 70% back. 70% back only applies to those bags you bought from them within the last 3 months, which does not apply to me since I got it at the boutique.

    I would love to hear about people that have used Fashionphile =)
  10. Please do not mention the specifics of what you're looking to sell, as this comes too close to a solicitation for sales. Keep in mind that buying and selling are strictly forbidden - you may want to check the rules out ! :yes:

    If you do a search on the Purse Forum, this topic has been discussed numerous times.
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