Where to sell pre-owned Louis?

  1. Hello! What's the best place to sell pre-owned Louis? I have a Popincourt Haut that my husband purchased for me at Saks about a month ago. I have carried it a couple of times, but its just not my favorite. Saks will give me back a store credit, but there is a bag I want instead at Neiman's, so I'm hoping to get most of the cash out of the Louis. Anyway, long story short - I hear nightmares about eBay and wondered if you guys had any suggestions. I have all of the original documentation, receipt, and the bag is practically brand new...

    I apologize in advance if this is info is somewhere on the site, but I couldn't find it.

  2. Is there no way that Saks can order the bag over at Nieman's for you? I would think that they could and you would then get full return value...if they will accept it for return still.
  3. You can certainly try consignment stores like Ann's Fabulous Finds and Jills Consignment.

    Just a note that buying/selling on tPF is NOT permitted unless you have been approved for the Marketplaza.

    Good luck!
  4. I'm not asking to sell my bag on the forum. I read all of the rules prior to posting.

    I just wanted to know other places besides ebay. I saw My Poupette had imagechic, but the link has been down all day.

    Thanks for the advice on Jill's consignment and Ann's fabulous finds! I'll check them.

    And Saks can't order the bag for me - unfortunately, they are not carrying the particular marc jacobs bag.

  5. I have been reading all these horor stories on ebay about troubles with selling LV's (ie, empty boxes, bait & switch...) I have a LV demin patchwork speedy that I have only carried a few times and now would like to sell. I'm just not feeling the warm & fuzzies with ebay anymore. It sounds like things have gotten a lot worse...... Is there anywhere else I can go????
  6. You can try annsfabulousfinds or jillsconsignment

    Also try authentic-luxury or imagechic

    Just a gentle reminder that there is no buying/ selling allowed on tPF unless you have been approved for the Marketplaza. Contrevening that is a bannable offense. Just a FYI. ;)
  7. Sorry!! :confused1:
  8. ^ no need to apologize, u didn't do anything wrong, she was just warning you that there is no selling on tPF (many new posters break this rule and get banned as a result).

    if you are too afraid of selling the item yourself on ebay, you could try consignment with a reputable reseller, like fashionphile. a few tpfers have done this and they say it worked out really well and they were able to get a decent amount of $$ for their bags, and didn't have to go through the typical hassle/worry of selling a bag on ebay.
  9. I need to part with my dear olympe :crybaby: its been a long hard decision, but i need the moola. Does anyone know where I could sell it? I feel like ebay is overtaken by fakes and that brings the prices down. Its been used like 3 days and thats it!! help!
  10. Only advice I can give you is Ebay, or possibly a consignment shop if you have a high-end one near you. If it's only 3 days old, can't you just return it?
  11. ^I think she means she used it a total of three days in the time she's owned it.

    If you don't have an established feedback on ebay I'd send it to Fashionphile or another of those consigners to sell it- they'll take a 30-40% cut but you'll get the best sale price for your bag.
  12. wow thats rather high. :wtf:
    are you charged ebay and listing and paypal fees too?
  13. try craigslist. i hope you are able to sell it quickly.
  14. Yes, Ebay has a listing fee and final value fee (the ending price for the item). If payment is only accepted through Paypal, then there is a fee for that also. I think you would get the most out of Ebay. Did you search if anyone was selling one? You could watch what one ends at. Good luck!:tup:
  15. Yep- if the consignment company lists on ebay they deduct all associated fees before taking their cut.

    $1000 sale price- $35 (eBay, PayPal fees) -30% (consignment charge)= net total of $675.