Where to sell perfume?

  1. My friend got me a perfume for my birthday without a gift reciept. I sprayed it a few times (maybe 5 times), and decided that I didn't like it. I have no where to return it, but I don't really need this bottle of perfume in my room. So is there anywhere that will buy the perfume even for a little bit of money?
  2. Have you tried eBay? I'm sure you could sell it there, although I don't know how profitable it may be with the fees they charge and all. Good luck!
  3. You could exchange it at Sephora if it's something they carry. Or you could trade it on Make Up Alley.
  4. are you sure? even without a receipt?

    and what is make up alley??
  5. ^ Check the Sephora website and see if they have it. If they do, just bring it in and say "I got this as a gift so I don't have the receipt. Would I be able to exchange it?" I have a feeling they'll let you do it, no questions asked.

    Makeupalley.com is a makeup site with msg boards, user generated reviews and there's a section where members can post items and swap them with other members' items.

  6. Thats not the right thing to do, Please dont do that... :nogood:
  7. It may have been bought there and it's not like she's asking for a refund. IDK I've worked many retail jobs, and I don't think it's dishonest to exchange something at a store that carries it :shrugs:
  8. eBay is a great place, just start auction at $0.99, low listing fees. Just be sure you do not ship outside US though, international laws prohibit the transport of perfumes by air or by sea.
  9. hmm i'd like more advice on this topic....
  10. I would sell it on eBay. Items like perfume always sell well & you should get a decent amount of money for it ;)
  11. I wouldn't return used makeup, I doubt they'd take it and it's not good to do.

    I've sold chanel perfume that I used before (tried) and started it at $9.99 and it went over $20
  12. Yeah try ebay. I started mine that I sprayed twice that I didn't like at 15.00 and it sold (burberry brit).
  13. haha i would've bought it! thats one of my faves!! haha
  14. bumping it back up.. because I am still wondering :sad:
  15. What fragrance is it?