Where to sell my Chloe?

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  1. Was just wondering if there was anywhere apart from eBay?
  2. Anns Fabulous finds consigns Chloes
    you could try selling to Bag Borrow or steal
  3. You can sell on Bonanza from the UK but it's probably only worthwhile if you're willing to ship internationally.
  4. If you sell on Bonanza remember you will get paid in a non uk currency and have to consider PayPal conversion fees which can be high.
  5. There is a PayPal setting to allow payment in non-US currency.
  6. Thank you, that's good to know however it means the buyer may have currency conversion fees.

    The PayPal fees are what has put me off Bonanza but I might use it more often now. :smile:
  7. Thanks - will have a look at these :smile:
  8. Thanks! :smile:
  9. Thanks for the info Smally - will read up on this! :smile:
  10. Hello dear fellow Chloe lovers! The time has come to unload many of my older darling Chloe's that have been shelved in my closet for years when they should be seeing the light of day. I tried to sell them to Yoogi's Closet but they are not interested. I am not surprised that bags from the early-mid 2000's are difficult to sell but surely there must be a market for "vintage" Chloe?

    If any of you have had luck selling older bags will you kindly let me know how and where you accomplished it. Thank you!!!! Xx
  11. Try anns fabulous finds or ebay