Where to sell my Chloe?

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  1. Hi there girls,
    first time i've started a thread but i figure this is the best place to ask..... i bought a Chloe Paddington (but the one with the zip compartment underneath the main bag - is it called a doctor type thing? eek not sure!) in black and want to swap it for a whiskey one. The shop i bought it from don't have any whiskey but have siad they may give me gift vouchers instead if i like. Does anyone know if there's a website/shop where you can swap bags with others or sell them and get a decent price? I paid £913 for mine in Selfridges...
    Mucho thanks!!!
  2. I think there are a few consignment type shops around like Ann's Fabulous Finds. Also, I belong to "the IT Bag" yahoo group and we swap bags and buy and sell too. We don't usually do really high end stuff like Chloe, but all the girls there are honest and fun and most of them post here too. I know of a few on that groups that have lots of chloe's but not sure if anyone would want to swap! Anyway the link is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/theitbag/
    if you want to join us!
  3. Thanks Sparky... will certainly come have a browse! V Kind of you xxx
  4. have you considered eBay?
  5. How about that website buy, borrow or steal? I wonder if you can put your bag on there???:confused1: I was also going to mention Ann's Faulous Finds or eBay. eBay may be the quickest route. Do you have pictures of the bag that you can post for us? I think it might be called the Paddington East West bag.
  6. I managed to exchange it at Selfridges and now have the most beautiful Argent Paddington. It's absolutely beautiful. I can't even believe the colour, it's kind of beigey silvery bronzey gold and even has a hint of pinkey rose in some colours. Mmmmmm!
  7. :tup:Brilliant 'swap' that colour is absolutely beautiful - enjoy:tup:
  8. I agree, Argent is a beautiful color! You'll get a lot of use out of her.
  9. fab, well done, much better to swop than have to try and sell on imo

    your new bag sounds lovely - piccies!!!!!!
  10. :confused1:what is Selfridges? i just got the most amazing rouge Edith from NM and now i'd like to exchange/consign/sell my rouge medium paddy from AR. does Selfridges have a website? also, how does Ann's fab finds work? Anyone actually sell through her? tia!
  11. lovingchloe, glad you were able to find a solution and get a great in the process. Congrats!
  12. Selfridges is a store somewhere in the UK, London I think.
  13. Here is a link to the Selfridges website.

    Selfridges & Co