Where to SELL a dior?

  1. Looking for some advice as to where to SELL a dior gaucho? Portero has offered to consign it on their auction site....?? Any other good places other than eBay?
    I have always been a BUYER, not a seller. Any suggestions are appreciated. THANKS
  2. I used to sell them on craigslist but now craigslist is getting flooded by fakes that alot of buyers stopped buying because they are afraid of getting scammed. So I would love to find out as well.
  3. eBay is the same problem. There are so many fakes that not many serious buyers would even consider a REAL dior that retails for $2000!! Portero.com is an online luxury auction that supposedly authticates all items it sells, but they charge a 25% consignment fee. But they have some beautiful items for sale. I have sent them photos of my gaucho for a price estimate.
  4. I shopped around for my Gaucho last time and one of the first places I look was eBay and Jill's consignment. So bad I already got myself a Guacho otherwise I might ask if I can buy it from you. Hope you will find somewhere to sell it soon.

  5. Hello,

    hmmmmmmm I have never heard of Jill's Consignment and I did a search online - nothing came up. May I ask, what is it? Thank you so much and happy new year!:heart:
  6. There were several posts on here about Jill's consignment. That was the reason why I went to look at it. I think Jill's consignment is in the US though. I was going to buy from her but then I have been told the very same bag was returned by another member because it was advertised as new but there were defects or something.

    Happy new year too :smile::heart:
  7. Here's the link:

    She often has great deals! I've often lurked around her site, but I'm not sure about her consignment policies.
  8. how much are you wanting to sell your gaucho for?

    ebay is probably the best place. there are many authenticate this .... threads for advice.
  9. Jill's charges 50% consignment fee to a seller. WHEW!
  10. Lbuesch, let me know if you find a great place to sell...I think I'm going to sell my gaucho tote as well. I just don't carry it enough (roughly 5 times in almost 2 years)