where to sell a birkin in nyc

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  1. does anyone know where I can sell my birkins in nyc?
  2. upper east side: michaels' on Madison and 81
    Chelsea: Fisch for the hip

    Both are good places. ;)

  3. How much would these consignment shops give you for a 30 bicolour box chocolate brown Birkin with cyclamen piping, ruthenium hardware? What about a 35 Rouge H chevre Birkin, palladium hardware? I am thinking about selling my Birkins, have the receipts, boxes, raincoats, dust bags and shopping bags.
  4. You have to check with the consignment shops. WHatever they get, they give you 50% of pretty much.
  5. at duet you tell them what you want for your bag - if that's a number they can work with then they take it and set the store price.

    love, love, LOVE duet!
  6. Duet is great but you would probably get more if you just sold it yourself. They typically take 1/2 of what they sell it for. If you don't want to sell it yourself and don't want the e-bay route, go with duet.

    They do have an awsome selection of Hermes bags.
  7. i believe the 50% split is correct for other items, that's not the way they do it with hermes bags. if you go to duet to consign an hermes bag for sale you will have a chat with them and tell them what you want to get for the bag. then they take it an mark it up for the store's profit - for example you might say you want $6k for the bag and they'll then mark it higher to add on their profit.
  8. Actually for any other brands, the consignment stores split 50/50 with you, EXCEPT for Hermes. Most gets 1 to 2k, depending on the stores' individual policy. I think for a 35 birkin, you might be able to get 7 to 8k back, depending on the condition of the bag. As always (don't know why though), togo is the most popular ones in consignment store (maybe they just don't know anything else BUT togo?).


  9. Thanks, everone! I think I might have gotten Hermes out of my system, am into Chanel now.
  10. Maybe also contact Jemznjewels?
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    OMG Dueteveryday.com is great! They sold my Constance bag and I got a LOT more than I was even trying to sell it for on my own! I just dropped it off and picked up my check! It did take two months but thats because I dropped it off in the middle of christmas shopping season. Highly recommend! (Constance bag in my avatar is the one I kept, which has silver hardware).

    OOPS seems I already posted on this thread LOL.
  12. I love BOTH!
  13. You have gorgeous bags!! I hope they will find a new lovely home.:sad: