Where to sell a Birkin in Los Angeles ?

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  1. Can you please let me know if you know of any good places to sell 2 of my Birkin bags. I did read a thread that mentioned 2 places in L.A and have to tell you how disappointed i was. The first place was "Maxfields", i spoke to a SA who promised me the owner will call me back within a week, that was 2 months ago and i never heard from him (i called a few times after).
    The second place was "Decades", I spoke to the SA who was so excited as he mentioned he has a client that is looking for both Birkins - Gold Birkin and a Dove Grey, I told him they are both brand new - i never carried them as my DH got me the same colors in croc the week after i got them, I told him i'm not looking to make a profit on them just sell it to them for what retail is. He was so excited and even mentioned they had an older used ostrich that they are selling for over $30,000 - so asking the retail price for my bags didn't seem such a bad deal for them. I left him my number just to get a call 10 min. later telling me they would pay me a lot less. I obviously declined their offer and would rather keep them in my closet !!!! If anyone knows of any good stores please let me know. I also called " Fashionphile" they are very nice and reasonable but sell on Ebay which i can do too but am trying to find a local place.
  2. Maybe try: Shabon vintage on Beverly Blvd, a few stores down from Cobras and Matadors, and try The Way we Wore on La Brea, and as a last resort I would also try Paper Bag Princess- They have amazing high end vintage< talk to the owner Elizabeth. Hope that helps!! That's my #1 item on my wish list right now- is a red hermes birkin bag!:smile:
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    I am afraid in this economy, luxury goods are a difficult sell and re-sellers such as Decades know this- they are swamped with inventory. Selling on ebay can be tricky if you do not have a track record for selling authentic Hermes as well. I would stay in contact with fashionphile locally or you could contact createurs*de*luxe (another ebay seller) who has an established reputation for selling authentic birkins and kellys.
  4. there's a consignment store on Robertson called "I Want That Bag!", they have mostly LV but I"ve seen them have H bags too
  5. you could also contact sandiaexchange. she sells on ebay, but has an impeccable reputation. she is also sort of local
  6. What about Creatures Du Luxe? I believe they buy used Birkins... I don't think they're in LA, but it would be a nice option.
  7. I am a very reputable seller om ebay and have sold authentic Hermes Birkin Bags in the past, i only sell my own bags that i personally purchased at the Hermes store if my DH buys me an exotic in the same color so i've sold 5 in the past 5 years and got really amazing feedbacks. 3 days ago i sold my 35cm Potiron on ebay, I just didn't like all the buyers out there who ask you a lot of question and never have a serious intention to buy. I'm just too busy for that. I don't mind the ones who are serious buyers and change their mind or have to think about it but had 2 "0" feedback buyers who bid "buy it now" on my Dove Grey and never completed the transaction - now i have to relist it. BTW, Decades had only one bag for sale when i went in there so I really think they were trying to get my BN bags for less so they can make much more money on their mark up.
  8. I have used the-luxury-portal.com and the seller is very professional. She also has one for sale right now that is less than retail! You can set your own price and list it there and see what happens. Usually you will get a feel of the mkt pretty soon that way. HTH!!
  9. Thank you for all the great advice but I did contact one of the reseller mentioned above - they are all looking to give me a low price so they can make more profit. I think i'll just try selling on ebay as i have so far, i am not looking to make a profit but also not lose money on a bag i never used, i just want to sell these two for their retail so i can buy different colors. Every time i've sold one of my Birkin bags on ebay the buyer kept asking me for more :smile: I even had a lady from Taiwan buy a Blue Roi Ostrich from me directly (she bought a Birkin from me 5 years ago and we stayed in touch) It is really hard for me to part with a bag but feel bad keeping it if i wont use it. I just sold a 35cm Potiron Birkin on ebay for less the retail but only because i did use it. I think i'll just list it again and see what happens, last thing i want is have one of the reseller list it for a crazy mark up price....
  10. for sure do decades because you can trust them and they have great clients:smile:
  11. Contact CreaturesDeLuxe. If she doesnt give you a good option contact nyfashionexpert at nyfasthionexpert@hotmail.com if that doesn't work contact eBoutique at bridge1212@aol.com

    Between these sellers I am sure someone will work with you. Dont become discouraged. I am sure someone will help you.
  12. I think the best bet is to try to sell it directly through ebay since you are an established seller. It might take awhile in this economy so you'll probably have to be patient. Or keep for now and put up when the market is in a bit of a better place. I see really lovely bags at great prices just languishing on ebay now unfortunately.
  13. Thank you all. Rockerchic, i think you are right, i will try one more time to list on ebay and if it doesn't sell i will just keep them until the economy is better. I just thought that the two colors (Gold and Dove Grey) are so desired and pricing it at retail will sell faster - oh well, i guess it is the economy. Unfortunately, in the future when i list them again i will have to raise the price as i think Hermes are going to have another price increase.
    i hope some lucky lady sees my listing before it ends :smile:Thanks again.
  14. I buy from Decades. They're great. Their prices aren't too too too steep. What they would offer to a seller would be a lot less than what they charge. I think you'd be better off selling elsewhere.
  15. :smile:If you want to sell fast, you need to price under retail.
    It will take a long while for the economy to get better, and prices will only go down.

    So if you really want to sell them and they are just sitting unused, then you will have to take a loss-- however, you can also buy something else for less, as well. So it evens out in the end.
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