Where to resell celine luggage?

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  1. I've never resold any bags. I bought a Celine mini luggage last Dec but haven't used it more than 5 times so far. Though I still adore the bag, I have been reluctant to use it every time cause its too big and heavy for my frame. I'm now considering to resell it, any suggestion on where to sell? I know people usually sell on ebay but I'm new to eBay and don't have any reviews, people probably would be hesitant to buy from me.
  2. Ebay or Bonanza.
    Take loads of CLEAR photos and show all Celine markings on the bag.
    Make sure bag is authentic and tell buyers to authenticate here if any doubt.
    Good luck:smile:
  3. Thanks a lot for the tips!
  4. eBay is pretty good, esp have clear pictures and reference authentication
  5. What about an online reseller? Try Yoogi's Closet. I sold 3 bags with them. Very professional. They give you an estimated quote for either direct sell or consignment.