Where to Report Stores that sell Fake Fendi Bags

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I wrote a letter to Fendi saying I found a store that sold Fake Fendi bags. Saw two Fendi Spys dark green and navy blue definetly fake, smooth leather, not textured at all and they were selling it at $1500.
    Asked the guy where they got their merchandise and said they were licensed dealers. Yeah Right!:rant:

    Tried to fax it to Fendi North America but the number did not work. Also called the tel number and it said it was out of service.

    So I faxed to Hawaii to Fendi Inc.

    Does anyone know the fax or tel phone number for Fendi North America?

    Please help.
  2. Ok, anyone know where to get a response quick or an e-mail address for Fendi (Corporate)?
  3. Earlier this week I heard my bosses wife saying she saw Fendi's at BJ's Wholesale Club (no, I am not making up the name of the store). She said they were $400. I told her they might be fakes and she said, "Well, who would pay $400 for a purse?" LOL! If I get time I will check it out, since the store is very near where I work.
  4. Well I went to the Mall today to take pics of the Fake Fendi Spys that they were selling for $1500. Pics were taken from a Camera phone and were taken really fast. I noticed that there wasn't an "A" on the serial, so definetly fake. I'm betting all the other Fendi bags are also Fake. :cursing:
    Photo-01521.jpg Photo-01531.jpg Photo-01541.jpg Photo-01561.jpg Photo-01571.jpg Photo-01581.jpg Photo-01591.jpg
  5. This is pretty hilarious! I'm picturing you in there snapping shots on your cell. :lol:
    And yes, these are blatant specimens of hideosity. Shame on them.

  6. Yeah, LOL!
  7. in Milltown NJ there is a salon name L'Atessa the owner assured us that she has a relative that works in a high end store & purchases all these bags legitimately,once mine was a week old & 200. later it began to fall apart so i brought it to louis vuitton & was so humiliated when I learned it was a fraud!! When I went back to the salon for my money back I was informed she has pulled this scam on many many people & has since closed down,she's re opened another boutique/salon in Matawan NJ called Prodigy, please be warned ladies several of my friends purchased bags from her as well!!
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