WHERE TO: Repair, Restore, Reunvinate your Chloe

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  1. :confused1:

    I'm a little confused here. Since my paddington is more of my "summer" bag, I have time to take it out of the rotation and treat her to some TLC.

    The problem is that the inner lining has a cell phone compartment sewed to the side. The stitching has come loose and it is threatening to detach! :cursing: needless to say, I haven't used that compartment since the thread has come loose.

    I bought it from a boutique in NYC, but I called the Chloe store to see what they could do. The lady was like "Oh, you'll have to take it to an independent handbag repair store." I'm like "You don't stand by your product???"

    Response: "Ummm.. NO."

    So I'm not sure what to do now to get the Paddy back into tip-top shape. Any suggestions? Contact info?
  2. email customer care at Chloe.com. Explain that you have a fault, and ask what the procedure is to have it fixed. Don't give them a choice!

    link here for you :smile:

  3. pbi - Chloebabe,

    Have you ever had any luck contacting anyone from Chloe.com? I get an auto response telling me to contact the closest boutique. I tried calling the NY boutique re repair of my Edith and they were not helpful at all.
  4. Chloe is USELESS when it comes to repairs. I've went round and round w/my whiskey hobo (aka shoulder bag) where the stuffing separated in the handle and I only had "leather" connecting the strap to the bag (no reinforcement within). I FINALLY got my bag back from Chloe and whoever inspected it to see where the repair was needed attached a note to the bag that read " There is nothing wrong with this bag!!" Yes, two exclamation points, mind you. So, $1,500 later, I am stuck with this bag. I will never buy another Chloe again. Ever!

  5. I've emailed Chloe.com on two separate occasions, about two separate issues and have received no response at all from them (not even automated!). :shrugs:

  6. :wtf:

    Even if it was the case that there was nothing wrong with a bag (which it obviously wasn't in your case!), that would be a very rude way of telling the customer, IMO!
  7. I really hesitate to buy another Chloe too because of their lack of service. I just need a small part replaced and I was told that it is impossible to find but they would *try* to order it anyway. It has been two months and I haven't heard anything.
  8. oh no!!! i'm getting my edith soon (so excited!) but i'm worried now about the lack of customer service. anyone have any problems with the edith??
  9. these stories are awful! :cursing: has anyone tried calling chloe corporate in nyc? (not the boutique but the offices i mean). i've been eyeing another chloe bag (so what else is new :lol: ) but i'm really hesitating now...:hrmm:
  10. I wouldn't ever buy Chloe again, either...I had a problem with the 'padded' part of the handles - in that they make their way towards the main body of the bag each time I use it and i have to keep yanking them back into place. Chloe boutique's response? 'Oh, that happens sometimes....'
    It makes me sooo :cursing: :hysteric: :cursing:
  11. Sounds like Chloe is going to be no help.. but you still have this problem, so I would suggest you go to a great seamstress and have them take a look. I take EVERYTHING to mine, and she fixes every little problem like magic.:nuts: I would imagine if you sent it to Chloe, they would do the same anyway. This way you won't be apart from your bag for long, and the job sounds very simple if it's just loose threads. Good luck! :yes:
  12. BagBunny, I may need to move to LA to use your seamstress!! :yes:My guy isn't so great and I have a ton of work backing up, including a really cute pair of raspberry Joey True Relgion jeans with a thick white stitching, that desparately needs to be hemmed!! :cutesy:
  13. thanks everyone! i think i will take it to a seamstress to take a look. it is only loose threads, so it is not that bad, but i guess i'm just really disappointed that chloe will not do more for their customers. they're not cheap bags!!!!!!
  14. My sentiments exactly...:yes:
    I think i'd be inclined to get any problems fixed privately, too.
  15. Lol!! Yeah I just stumbled upon him when I was desperately seeking someone to do a last minute alteration fix for pants I HAD to wear THAT night...:sweatdrop: You guys know what I mean! He did it for me and with such ease, that I started taking everything to him. I didn't know seamstresses can totally change and recreate a piece of clothing for you, and look EXACTLY like the manufacturer made it!!! I feel so lucky and you wouldn't even know, because his place is small and hole-in-the-wall.:nuts: Anyways hmwe46: I hope you get your Joeys hemmed soon.. I had mine done and I was also nervous about the twisted seams, but I got it done pretty fast and you would never know I had it hemmed!