Where to put ugly fakes in this sub-forum?

  1. I swear I've dug everywhere, especially in Hermes Shopping, but I just couldnt see a thread where we can post ugly eBay fakes, or sellers that just made you wanna shake head?
  2. IMO, if they are such hideous looking things, need we showcase them? I'd much rather see H bags in their full grandeur and glory, if that's OK.
  3. We should definitely have a thread dedicated to FUGLY fakes! I know I need the laugh everyday.
  4. I agree, it would be fun and 'educational'.
  5. Absolutely educational!
  6. Damn right we needed the laugh :P

    I see the LV sub-forum has this thread for fugly fakes and I see that thread growing larger by the day..

    eta: it doesnt always have to be fugly ones, it can also be convincing looking ones as well, this way it can also serves to educate ppl who are not that savvy with authenticating H bags (like moi here :P).

    hello, that's quite a good suggestion (if dressage & the mods are okay with it). We can also change the title of this thread or even start a new thread, I dont care, I just wanna a showcase :roflmfao:
  7. Well, we have been really careful about this in this forum as we don't want the fakers to catch on to how we know they are fake. This can really open a can of worms so let me find out if it is ok to have this thread, and if so, I will be happy to create one!
  8. What if we just do it in such a way that we only post pictures? Would that work?:flowers: I mean, if we respond we can just say "Haw haw" ala Nelson (from The Simpsons) or something.
  9. I will ask and find out.

  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Kou, you seriously cracked me up girl :roflmfao: Now back to serious, perhaps members who respond can be discreet and if a member wants to know further it can be via PM?

    And Jag, thank you for finding out if it's okay or not to have the thread.