Where to put my pens and pencils?

  1. Hey Guys/Gals,
    I need your help! Does LV make a pencil/pen bag? I was thinking of using like a pouchette accessoire but that seems a little big. Thanks in advance!

  2. you can get baby papi $285

  3. ^I was going to suggest the same thing! That's what I use my baby pap for!
  4. Can I take off that strap and how much would it hold?
  5. Great idea about the baby Papi! But I must admit - I've never, ever carried a pen in any of my handbags. I don't even use the pen loop in my medium agenda. I'm paranoid about leakage.
  6. You can't take off the strap, I think (I don't have the new version of this). Lemme put a lot of pencils in mine and I'll get back to you...
  7. Thanks for all the advice!!
    It's more for my messenger and for school. Hahaha. I carry pens all the time. I even bought the daytimer one to fit in the small agenda :smile: :smile: I just carry a basic GymsPac one I got from Fred Segal but was looking to upgrade so all my accessories are Louis. (YAY for Fred Segal...haha....SoCal people know what I'm talking about)

  8. Okay, I was able to fit 15 pens/pencils in mine...I could probably fit more, but I couldn't find anymore (and i didn't want to push it). I have to tell you, though, that the bag can't handle extra long pens/pencils.

    Does your bag have a D-ring? You can attach the pap on it!
  9. Another suggestion - Monogram Denim Speedy Case GM. It's like your traditional pencil case. The cutest thing is the koala clasp at the end that keeps your leather pull in place.

    A bit pricey for a pencil case though... $375USD on elux, but I guess there's free shipping there now and could get a little money back with ******?
  10. Unfortunately, my messenger is not Louis. It's Jack Spade. I was like 140 something and it's very manly and sturdy. Hahaha. The baby papillion would be perfect, however, I wish I could take off that leather strap!!!

  11. :yes: :yes:
    I agree..if the leather strap bugs you, may be you should consider getting denim one:
  12. Do you gals/guys think the denim is a bit girlie? I'm a guy btw :smile:
  13. Oh....you didn't mention that, what about the antigua pochette plate? LV used to make actual pencil cases in the Taiga but I believe they were all discontinued...
  14. Hahah sorry...
    Yeah, I'm a guy
    I'm not sorry for being a guy just sorry for not telling you guys

    I like that Antigua sac. Do you know how much it is? I can't find it on Elux.
  15. I don't know how many pens and pencils you carry but LV makes the monogram "Etui Stylos" which I have. I carry three pens in it. It will definitely carry one of each. I never carry pens or pencils without it. There are also some Epi pen/pencil bags although I don't know there correct names. I'm sure an SA at LV could help you further. Good luck!