Where to put my new "L" Charm?

  1. I feel like I've been making a million new threads lately and I wouldn't have done this, but the search option isn't functioning and I KNOW there has been a post on this, so my apologies.

    I've gotten my first bag charm and would like to stick it on my new Ergo, but I'm not sure where it goes? Does it go on the ring where my zipper and hangtag are, or does it hang from the hangtag chain? It's so pretty and I'd just like it to be displayed right.
  2. Some people hang it from the hangtag, some people from the zipper. Try it both places and leave it where you like it best.
    I personally like it hanging from the tag chain.
  3. wherever you want
  4. I usualy hang it from the tag chain, but I have seen both.. guess it is a preference and also depends on the bag and what looks best on that bag..!