where to put my iPhone?

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  1. Now that I have an iPhone, I'm finding it difficult to carry some of my favorite bags -- either the cell phone pockets are too puny or there isn't a pocket at all (not a problem when I had a flip phone but the iPhone's screen is VERY easy to damage). I know, I know, I could get a covered case for it, but the cover makes it awkward to answer, looks weird when I'm talking, and sort of defeats the gorgeous phone design.

    Please help!
  2. I have a pink rubber casing for mine which helps when I put it in my bags. I would suggest that, and the little protector thingys for the screen.
  3. I have the hard case that's black on the outside and clear on the back/open on the front. It stays on and I don't have to fiddle with it to use the phone at all--the only time you have to take it off is to put the phone into the dock.

    If you're a fan of Louis Vuitton, by the way, they make an iPhone case in Red Epi. April in Paris also makes one if you're more into handmade items.
  4. My Chanel Jumbo classic flap has a little pocket between the change pocket and the rest of the bag that fits a PDA perfectly.
  5. if you're just looking for some protection, I'd really recommend an "Invisible Shield" :yes: .... I've had one for all of my ipods and So just got a new one for his iPod Touch and it really works wonders ... you can kick it around, have it directly next to your keys, etc and nothing like scratches, etc will happen, it's super durable .... they also offer a longlife guarantee for the shield. if your shield looks messy for some reason, just send it in and get a new one .... it's ok priced at 25$ and a real alternative for a case (plus, it doesn't add to the size of you phone so you could still get a sleek LV case for looks :graucho:)
  6. ^^^ I second the Invisible Shield. The screen actually stays much cleaner and free of fingerprints PLUS there's the added benefit of it resisting scratches. And you don't even know it's there! I will advise, though, if you decide to go with these Shields, take your time and be patient when putting it on for the first time. You can get it misaligned or have major bubbles underneath, but if you take your time and slowly apply the Shield, it will turn out perfect. Good luck!
  7. I use the invisible shield too....I also got the MONO LV case which enables me to still fit my iphone in most places..UNLIKE the bulkier cases
  8. I got a case for my iphone so I just toss it in my bag. If you don't want a case I recommend a clear screen protector and put it in a little pouch/wristlet of some sort so it doesn't get damaged in your bag. Then when you take it out and use it just be careful. ;)
  9. when i first got my iPod Touch, i put it in a soft sock so that it wouldn't get scratched in my purse. they hadn't come out with cases that fit them yet.

    now that i DO have a case, i don't have one that covers the screen and i've yet to damage it (and i take it everywhere). i just have a clear, hard plastic case that prevents scratching on the back (which is chrome). i don't think the screen is really that fragile, honestly. mine doesn't have a single scratch, not even a tiny knick.
  10. I just throw my Treo in my bag :shame:

    It came with a leather case, but it's very awkward to get it out when I answer the phone. It's bulky too. If I had an I Phone, I'd definitely get an LV case though :graucho:
  11. Do they come with the iphone or where do you get them ?
    thank you.
  12. I bought my rubber case at the AT&T store. It's made by Incipio. I also have an anti-glare screen protector on my phone, which I LOVE! No more being blinded in the car when the sun hits the screen!

    DH has a hard leather case for his iPhone. It fits around the phone just like my rubber case does, and he doesn't have to remove the case to use the phone or to plug it in. We bought that one at an Apple store.
  13. They don't come with the phone, but there are always a bunch at the Apple store, Best Buy, a few at AT&T stores, etc. Anywhere where phone accessories are sold.
  14. ^^ thank you
  15. That is what I've done, my rubber case had little bumps on the bag of it and a nice bright pink on the front.I didnt have the screen covers, so I just trimmed down the protective cover that was on the phone and that will work until i get the others.
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