Where to put authenticity card?

  1. Do you keep it in the bag? Or do you store it in a box at home? Or what?

    I always keep it in the bag for fear the airport douane would suspect my bag is a fake and slash it into piece. But since I keep the card in the inside pocket, I found that most of my cards are crumpled, have water stain, etc.

    What about you?

    BTW it's my 100th post!!! :wlae:
  2. I keep my authenticity cards at home. I have a nice box where I store receipts and cards or tags. I don't have the problem with the airport b/c I usually hand carry my bag on the plane.
  3. I keep the card and the tags in the inside pocket.
  4. I have a small box at home with all the tags & cards from my bags.
  5. I keep them in a box with the receipt and tags. I have a hard time throwing away tags for some reason :shame:
  6. I always keep the authenticity card, care card, and any other tags, along with the receipt and any other stuff that came with the bag (extra tassels etc) in an envelope.
  7. i kept mine in a box at home...
  8. i keep them in the bag - otherwise i would lose them
  9. I keep all my authenticity cards and tags in a plastic bag in my desk drawer.
  10. I have an antique wooden box in which I keep all my receipts and authenticity cards (for every purchase over 100 euros). My parents always said I was mad until our house was broken into and my father's armani watch was stolen-of course I had kept the receipt and the cards, so the insurance company refunded all the money. Always seperate the cards and receipts from your bags, just in case they get stolen while you carry them in the streets. That way you can proove you actually owned the bag and how much it cost to your insurance company.
  11. Oh!!! I haven't even thought about insuring my bags!!!
  12. What a great idea to keep them in a box. The cards I have from my coach bags are here, there and everywhere. I do keep (most of them anyway) the receipts and always keep the tag. Sounds like I need to get them more organized. Thanks for the idea!
  13. I have a notebook where I keep copies of all my receipts, pictures of my bags, authenticity cards and any other paper work that comes with my purchases. They're all filed alphabetically starting with Dior. LOL! I need to start the alphabet with Chanel (one of these days).

    But I realize my system won't help you when you're traveling overseas. I'm sorry, I don't have a good answer for you. Maybe if you kept the cards in the same place you keep your passport and other ID?
  14. I keep all of the tags and cards and stuff in either an envelope or in a ziplock and store it inside the dustbag with the bag...
  15. i keep mine in the dustbag that comes with it and put all the dustbags in a shelf in my closet...