Where to purse shop in Las Vegas?

  1. I am going there in Dec. Of course I am going to go peek at LV and such but where to go for good deals?
    I heard there's a coach outlet. Where's that?

    PS - what is the weather like in Vegas in December? :supacool:
  2. I might be going in December also so I really want to know too!
  3. I'm going to Vegas for New Years, and was wondering the same thing. Friends mentioned Cesear's Palace having a great indoor mall, but I'm curious for other suggestions as well.
  4. The weather in December is in the 50-60's in the day and evenings sometimes 40's. You don't really spend much time outside except walking to and from each casino/shopping area, so it's not bad. But it does rain, too.

    I shop there about 6 times a year - there is a really good outlet about 30 miles out of town - specialty stores like Tods, St. John, and the usual such as Banana Republic, Guess, Saks. Online, I am sure they post all the stores. However, it does take most of one day. There is a bus that leaves from one of the casinos (I think NY NY) for about $30 (?)

    There is also a good standard shopping center - Fashion Show Mall with anchors Macy's, Saks, Neimans, Nordstroms and others. There are some cute boutique stores there, too.

    Caesar's has a fantastic shopping area - Juicy, Tahari, Donald Pliner, Scoop, James Perse, Custo, Nanette Lepore, Stuart Weitzman, MaxMara, a great purse/luggage store and all the high end designers, too - LV, D&G, etc., along with Victoria Secret, DKNY.

    Is there something you are specifically looking for - I could steer you in the right direction.
  5. We have 3 outlet malls the one in vegas off the strip has a coach and some other things you might like. the one in Primm has a last call MN and Tods and some really high end, cole haan and michael Kors. The other one at the other end of the strip has a off 5th saks and that's about all. Ceasar's is the best and the fashion show is my favorite. She is right on the weather but today was 83 so go figure.... if you need anything else let me know.
    one outlet is on Charleston off the old strip---the other one is on the strip to the south past the new vegas
  6. sndc99:
    what stores are in the other outlets?
  7. Oh my. For some reason I thought it would be hot there. I'll be there in February. I guess going in the outdoor pool will be out...........:wtf: :roflmfao:
  8. they all have websights they are, las vegas outlets, las vegas premuim outlet and fashion outlet las vegas primm. If you just put in outlet in vegas this is what you get.
  9. Thanks all!
    I have been to Vegas once and I went to the Caesars's Forum - spent a day at Versace that my husband still can't get over;) .

    I can't believe it's that cold! Is the desert for pete's sake! But still warmer than here so - yummy.

    I'll definitly look for websites.

    Thanks also for the very detailed responses!
  10. Check out las vegas.com and it can give you some ideas on where to shop.
  11. I recommend Neiman's and Sak's at the Fashion Show Mall. They have a variety of designers bags there. I will there for Thanksgiving!!