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  1. hello guys. a little help please- I'm from the Philippines and been really wanting a Chanel 2.55 calfskin bag in black. Where should I purchase it? Most on-line stores dont ship here. Would you guys know? Thanks heaps!
  2. Chanel isn't authorized to be sold online anyways (unless you catch them on NM.com through the catalog search).

    There's no Chanel boutique in the Philipines? Hmm you could try calling the nearest one and seeing if they'll ship it to you. If not, try to get a custom purchaser who could pick up the bag and ship it to you.

    Great taste! Gorgeous bag!
  3. thanks! I called a friend from New York and she promised she'll ship it to me.
  4. Hi... you should try calling either NM or Saks and asking them to ship it directly... (they take orders over the phone, but you will have to call the store and not the 800 number)... if you are a "repeat shopper", shipping is free, otherwise you will pay a small fee. I hope you get that beauty right away..
  5. Good luck!! You could always try a Chanel boutique in your country?
  6. i am sure there is a chanel boutique in singapore or hk. maybe they can ship it to you?