Where to purchase online without sales tax?

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  1. Hi all, I had came across some of you mentioned that buy online can save the tax? But I check ot eluxury, it still need to pay for the CA sales tax for 8.25%? Please help and advise here. Where can I purchase online without the tax? Thank you.
  2. ^^You have to buy from international website, i.e. non-US website.
  3. How to purchase from international webside if I am staying in US? Any web address? Thanks.
  4. Unfortunately, there are 2 states that Eluxury charges tax to, one is CA and the other is TN. There are a couple members that live in CA that order LV from an out of state SAKS store. I know one out of state SAKS store they order from that has a SAKS counter is the LV counter in the SAKS store in Troy Michigan. There is an associate there which I myself have ordered from, her name is Candence, she's a doll!
  5. I heard there are some Japanese online websites that sell LV items but most of them don't ship outside Japan. There is a service that helps you to ship the item from Japan to the US. You have to pay certain commission and fees for this service.

  6. I know you asked for online but if you call any OUT OF STATE Saks they will ship to you without charging tax.
  7. Buy from stores outside of US
  8. Hi Squirl, Did you mean buy the store outside from US through net? How to do that? Can you give me the web?
  9. i buy on ebay for this reason but i understand you may not want to do that. you also have to look at exchange rates and some credit cards charge 3% fee to change the currency to USD so see if it's really worth the savings. Plus oversees shipping may be more expensive.
  10. when you order from elux and you choose express shipping, which company will they use to deliver what you've ordered?

    also, how long does express shipping usually take?
  11. They use FedEx. They ship from Cali and Tennessee. Express takes 2 days? If your in NY it comes quick. I don't request express shipping and I always get my packages in 3 days.
  12. Thxs for the info
  13. i guess the question that i should have asked was how long does it take for them to charge a card? i paid using my american express card...gold if it matters.
    lol i ordered at 9pm or so last night and its 11am now and i haven't received a shipped/tracking number email. i know i'm rushing things but i want my bag now lol.

    chop chop. what are the odds that i receive the bag on friday? i'm going to be out all day saturday so i cant sign for it then.
  14. Did you ship standard, priority, or express? I'd say the odds are pretty good for a Friday delivery, but the only way you'll really know is to wait for tracking number. Even with standard shipping, eLuxury is pretty fast. But with standard, there's an ever-so-slight chance that delivery could slip to next week.
  15. i think whenever you have something shipped from out of state, you get charged your state tax because otherwise, it's a form of tax evasion. at least that's what i've heard.