Where to purchase my first chloe paddington?

  1. If I decide to purchase a chloe where would you recommend purchasing it from? And if you pfm's know of any good deals on them right now.
    You all probably can tell this would be my first purchase of a chloe (a chloe newbie). All help is appreciated.:girlsigh:
  2. Janice, whereabouts do you live, and is is the regular paddington you are interested in? :smile:
  3. I live in Alabama but I travel all the time, usually to Atlanta and I have a SA in Tampa at NM. But shipping is not a problem for me. I just wanted to get the best possible deal on a regular chloe paddington, and I know you chloe experts would know where to start.
  4. Hmm, I don't know of any deals on paddies right now. But if there are some they're probably at a shop you've never heard of and would be better off buying it from your SA in Tampa or Saks or Nordies.
  5. There really aren't too many places to pick from in Atlanta. I believe Saks and NM are the only places that carry them and they don't have a huge selection. You could at least look at the styles and see which one works best for you though.
  6. I am not limited to Atlanta. If there is a particular store that has a great selection and a great SA would be very helpful.
  7. Have you looked at NM.com to see what they have? Also Net A Porter has a pretty wide selection of chloes.
  8. I would suggest buying from a store with a good return policy for your first bag. That way if it's not for you'll easily be able to send it back without dealing with customs, etc.

    I am a big Saks fan, have had great luck with them. If you are ok with paying retail, NM and BG .com have both had whiskey and blanc bags pop up on the internet quite frequently. You can often find free shipping codes too and if you are out of state, you might save sales tax.

    Alternately, Aloha Rag has a great price (free shipping, no sales tax) but limited colors. Luisaviaroma.com has a fantastic selction but you'll pay duties and returns are rough (never shopped here personally), Netaporter.com is fairly pricey but the presentation is impeccable.

    Hope this helps! Enjoy whatever Chloe you get ;)
  9. This is very helpful.:idea: I have been calling around today. Have not tried Saks yet. NM, BG and Nordstroms do not seem to have the whiskey. Seems to only be for last season. But they said check back because fall bags are coming in.

    NM has a color chamois/mustard. Wonder has anyone seen this IRL?
  10. I also remember the Tyson's Corner Nordstrom in Virginia had a big selection of Paddingtons in all shapes, sizes, and colors. I had my hands on a small tan zippy one, but I passed it up. This was back in April, but you might give them a try.