where to purchase missoni scarves?

  1. Does anyone know a good, reputable place to purchase missoni scarves online? I'm specifically interested in zigzag patterned ones. Thanks for any help!!
  2. I know I saw them in store at Loehmanns, buy one get one half off or something like that in the beginning of the summer. They were cotton ones with the zig zag. I'm not sure where you live, if there is a Loehmanns by you. http://www.loehmanns.com/ Maybe they'll have them online also?
  3. I think I saw some at Saks SF. You can try their online store to see if they carry the zigzag style.
  4. I recently bought one at Filene's Basement.
  5. net-a-porter
  6. i bought one today at Saks in river side square nj
  7. ahhh i know who started this trend!!!!!!!!! rachel bilson!!! go RACHIEEEE
  8. Are you talking about the wool, silk or cotton ones? I have two cotton ones and a really nice wool one. I bought the cotton scarves from Loehmann's and the wool one from Saks. The wool scarf is pretty pricey and the cotton and silks are not quite as expensive. For online check out http://www.searlenyc.com/store/acs_scarves.html