Where to purchase handbag display?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I just wonder if anyone knows where to get a nice, sturdy handbag display for pic taking. I am currently have a family member holding the bags for me when taking a shot but I want to start doing on my own. It's more time convenience for me.

  2. Maybe a site like craigslist might have people giving away such things or selling them for a reduced cost in your area? Maybe store went out of business?
  3. I display them on the shoulder of a mannequin, or hang them from a wrought iron coat rack. Pier 1 has some nice wrought iron hooks you can hang on the wall. I've seen people hang them from door knobs too:smile:
  4. bunnymasseuse: I checked craigslist and none is selling or giving away. I know few places carrying it but it is quite expensive. It costs almost $40 including shipping. :nuts: But thanks for your reply.:heart:

    bellafleur: I don't own a mannequin. Maybe I should ask my.. ....husband to become one and hang bags from his shoulder. Live model and no need to buy any display. Hhehe...Just k/d.:P. I know there are many options that I can hang the handbags from, doorknob or wrought iron coat rack as you have mentioned. It just I love a more professional pic looking like those I see from website or catalogue. Thank you very much for your reply though.
  5. Gotcha:smile: Here's another more professional suggestion:smile: I have one of these Smith Victor Light Tent Kits that comes with a collapsible tent that you can string fishing line in to hold up the handles of your bags. And it also comes with two fluorescent photography lights that create a true white light for your products. I thought it was a great deal for $100!

    402049 Smith Victor ImageMaker, Fluorescent Light Tent Kit.
  6. I use invisible fishing line to make mine look like they are floating....
  7. bellafleur: I have a "home-made" tent as well :smile:. It costs me about $25-$30 to make it. It is cool to use them for small items but for handbags, the tent is a bit small. What size is your tent? Could you post one or two pics of your handbag taken? If the lighting and everything look gook, I might order one too.

    JetSetGo!: Last night I was thinking to use the fishing line. But again, I must have someone to hold the line, right? :sad: And I just want to find ways that I could be able to take pic by myself without bugging another person.
  8. Yeah, you do need a hook.:flowers:
  9. I see...Where can I buy the hook though? Does Walmart carry it? Thanks