Where to purchase first Chanel bag?

  1. Neiman Marcus- Palo Alto or San Francisco

    Where to buy and why?

    thanks for the input!
  2. Is that bag you want available at both locations?
  3. If they both have the bag,then you could either choose the one closest to you,and if they're similar distances,choose the boutique. That way you're dealing more directly if (heaven forbid) there should be any problems down the line.

    If you're not sure you're going to keep the bag,maybe use the department store since you only get store credit at boutiques and only within 8 days.

    I hate when people take bags home and return them though. I'm sure sooooo many people in the US are buying used bags "new".
  4. I'd personally get it from a boutique so you can get the nice Chanel box and Chanel black shopping bag.
  5. ^Do you mean that if you buy from ex: Neiman Markus you don't get the box?
  6. ^Actually I'm not 100% about whether you get a Chanel box from department stores.

    I don't think you get the Chanel bag though. I would think you would get the Neiman Marcus/whatever shopping bag.