Where to preorder yellow/silver MAB?

  1. Hi, anyone know where to preorder this bag? I thought i saw it somewhere, but i can't remember where.......
  2. I think you saw it on the RM website. Its in the collections slideshow
  3. ^thanks, i thought i saw it somewhere else before that.....
  4. yes i did too. i saw it somewhere even before seeing it from the rm website. i was trying to do a search but couldnt find it. but i think i seen it from the delcina website as a pre order item.
  5. I believe Revolve had it for a while, many weeks ago.

  7. Luna Boston has it too!
  8. ^ Hey Gung, I don't see it on the website...do they just not have it up yet, or not have it in stock yet? TIA :smile:
  9. Are you sure Gung? I thought LB was only getting the mini in...