Where to post? Color me Confused!

  1. In search of a dark neutral, I've been vacillating between chocolate brown, ebene, black, and graphite. Of course, this means I ended up with Vert Bronze. I planned to sneak pics into the color family threads in the reference section, since I'm basically just so, so, painfully shy :p (I see you laughing over there, so stop it!), and I couldn't find any pics of VB earlier in my decision-making process. Only problem: Now that it's in my hands, where does this color actually belong?!? GF has it under greens. There's green in it. There's also brown, and an ashy color that looks charcoal gray in some lights.

    I throw it on the mercy of the forum. Let's just all decide together, then tell me whether to put these pics in the green family or the brown family.

    The first 2 pics are in natural light, the second 2 are in artificial light. The color baffles me, but I really like it.
    massai nat light overall2.jpg massai nat light closeup.jpg massai artificial light overall.jpg massai artificial light closeup.jpg
  2. OMG, that's gorgeous, congrats!! Can't help you with the color until you do some modeling shots!!
  3. oh you got it!!!! yay!!!! love!!!! model please!!!
  4. can i just say? that colour is AMAZING! i think i've got to add this to my "must have" colour list now, i love it! to be quite frank, it looks more greenish to me, almost olive-y, especially under artificial light.
  5. Wow that color is stunning! I've never seen it before :tup: I'm leaning a little towards the green family...
  6. I would love to see some modeling pics!!!
  7. I'm home sick with a mean-spirited, unfair, horrible summer cold. Ain't no chance I'm dragging my sweat-pants-covered behind to a mirror. I get very tearful when I'm sick. I'd probably start crying at the sight.

    The bag must model itself for awhile.
  8. I like the last pic the best!
  9. WHOA!!!!!! FAB color!!!!! Vert Bronze? I'd say it might go in two places.....Greens and Browns. CONGRATULATIONS, GGA!!!!!! GORGEOUS Massai!!!!!
  10. vert bronze is such a fabulous color! love it in massai! congrats GGA!
  11. And the sure-fire remedy to cure a summer cold (or any cold for that matter) is the S'Mom recipe........Hot cup of tea with a big shot of whisky and a Tylenol PM chaser.

    You'll feel much better in the morning.
  12. ...assuming I'm actually ABLE to wake up in the morning after that. :roflmfao:
  13. gga: Congrats!! :yahoo: It's all I had imagined and MORE!! I love it ! It's like Vert Olive but with abit more brown!! So it's 2 places green and brown!
  14. Wow - nice color!

    I was originally leaning toward suggesting they should go in Greens, but there's no harm in putting them in both Greens and Browns, is there? I think it's a draw.:yes:
  15. I guess Hermes categorizes it as kind of a green, hence the "vert".
    Very interesting color. When you are over your cold, would love to see modeling pictures. Get well soon!