Where to order smallest sized G-bag in coated canvas?

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  1. hey all,
    where i am in Singapore, the small G-bag in coated canvas is all sold out. where can I get hold of 1 in dusty pink or beige that ships from UK? appreciate contact details of TODs shop in UK that does international shipping. thanks in advance!
  2. i m in bangkok now n saw it in black, white n dark pink, not dusty pink...
  3. hmm, dark pink is like? not going to bangkok:sad::crybaby:
  4. You can find the contact details of the UK boutiques on the Tod's website http://www.tods.com/home.html?region=eu&lang=en&area=6

    I know the Sloane St boutique does ship overseas provided they have the stock. As of yesterday, they have a lilac coated canvas G-bag in Picola, GBP385 (inclusive of VAT). Give them a call.
  5. I can't find their email address...anyone has the email address of the slone st store? due to time difference it's quite hard to find the right time to call them.
  6. ^ It's an eight-hour difference between Singapore and London. You can try calling them from 7pm Singapore time (11am London time) onwards. I have called around that time and the SA is very helpful. I suggest you call them if you are urgently looking for an item. Not sure of the email address, and in any case, a phone call is faster or you could call them to find out the email address.
  7. i called Slone street branch and they said they do not take international orders :sad: no one picked up the phone for Bond St. So disappointed!
  8. That is strange. I spoke to a SA in Sloane Street just earlier this week and she said they do ship overseas as long as shipping is being paid for.
  9. USA prices (including styledrop) are more expensive than UK prices. that's why i'm trying to order from London
    do you have the name of the SA or email address from the sloane branch? can pm me.