Where to order handmade, high quality leather handbag?

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  1. I have a lot of designer bags, but somehow got tired of the problems with some of these bags - the stitches break, leather is of not so good quality and so on...I think most of them are rather average articles at exorbitant prices.
    Do you know where, if possible in Italy, could I order a handmade bag made from really high quality leather, resistant to wearing, sturdy? I know there should be some such workshops in Italy, but I have not managed to locate any of them on Internet. I would like to order the bag to be made in an old-fashioned way, to be cut and stitched by hand, from good leather.
    I am looking for the quality in terms that is considered "classic" (something compared to Mulberry Bayswater Darwin leather or Loro Piana fjord - but I would like some other design that is not produced by these companies).
    I hope there are some artisans at the forum - hopefully they could help me in my quest as well.
  2. Have you tried looking on Etsy? There are a few people who sell handmade leather bags that *look* to be made very well, but I am not sure as i have not purchased. The only one I can think off the top of my head is valhallabrooklyn.etsy.com, and they seem to have good reviews! hope that helps a little... :biggrin:
  3. Hi zaduzl, have you looked at Belen Echandia bags? They are based in the UK but their workshops are in Italy. I have a couple of bespoke bags by them and am extremely satisfied.
    You can visit their website at www.belenechandia.com or visit the Belen Echandia subforum for more information.
    FYI - their bags are a lot prettier in person than in pictures and I find their leathers amazing.
  4. I agree with you on the quality of some high end designer bags, but I must say that I think Mulberry has the best bags out there for a reasonable price. Do you actually own any of their darwin bags? I have a few and must say the quality is perfect :okay:
  5. I also think they have very high quality leather, I have seen Darwin leather and it seems beautiful, very durable. The only thing - I would like to have shorter handheld handles than Bayswater has (to be able to carry it as a casual-fancy style bag) and a separate shoulder strap ...of course, it is my wish only, if I do not manage to order such the bag, then...

  6. ^if you buy authentic Hermes that is. Please do not post links to websites selling fakes, it's disgusting. REPORTED!
  7. I agree, sorry that somebody posted a web site for fakes.
    I am not interested in fakes, but in good quality items made by an artisan/company of reliable background, therefore I kindly ask the members promoting the fakes to avoid this thread.

  8. You might need to look into artisans in your area via the phonebook who work with leather to make your handbag... I have been considering something similar -- a boxy satchel with adjustable strap and short double handles
  9. I have done this already.
    Found three of them only - but I was not quite happy with the leather they were using (quite thin, I would prefer thick leather, that would be wear resistant).
    Also, I lack any backup on their craftmanship - which is very important.
    I would need some reliable source of both, leather and leather-making-knowledge.
    I know it is not an easy task to complete...hopefully we will sort something out

  10. Bottega Veneta takes special orders and their bags are made of incredible leather by hand in Italy.
    Good luck!
  11. Also try ignes handbags.....www.ignesbags.com.

    They're incredible as well and Ignacio doesn't waste a minute responding to your questions or requests regarding a bespoke bag. Impeccable!
  12. Etsy is amazing, I agree. If you register you get regular e-mails detailing all their wares and it is really inspiring. It is also very unlikely that you will be carrying the same thing as someone else. I've just ordered the most amazing jewellery form Etsy and am desperately waiting for it to come. :tup:
  13. Just a short interruption - thank you very much for all your valuable suggestions, I am currently checking your proposals.:smile:
    Hopefully other members will also take a look in the thread and it will help them to get their beloved handbag as well.:tup:
    Keep writing.
  14. I think you should check out Mulberry - here are some pics of my bayswater. It is by far the best quality bag I own, with its thick leather :tup:. I've used it pretty much every day since I got it last June. The last pic is of my Fendi Spy, in which I discovered a small hole - stay away from Fendi or lambskin if you want a sturdy bag.

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