Where to order a Morning After Mini???

  1. Has anyone ordered from Bagtrends.com, Funkylala.com, or tobi.com? I am over the moon (lol) for the Rececca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Dark Grey (w/silver hardware).

    The sites all have different prices, and I am not too keen on Bagtrends' return policy -- sounds like a hassle.

    Anyone have any ideas for me? Or can you tell me where else I can find one? I called my local Nordies a few days ago and they "returned them all to make room for new merchandise". Bah! :cursing:

  2. Did I post this in the wrong place? Sorry, Mods please move is needed.
  3. I know you can find them at www.lunaboston.com

    i have never ordered from those other sites that you listed. sorry! hopefully you can find what you want from what I gave you!!

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks princessaj0603! They are out. I emailed them to see if they expect to get more in. Appreciate the tip!!
  5. I've ordered from tobi.com and had no issues (never made a return though). I think their price is a little less than other sites as well, so you save a bit even without a discount code.
  6. They have them at label360. 20% off if you use code "L360"
  7. They do have it at label360 and if you do their survey.......you can get 30% off. Great deal!!! The bag is $525.00 and with the 30% off is come to $367.50 and they have free shipping for anything over $100.

    I hope this helps.
  8. shopemilygrace.com has the dark grey mini with silver hardware. That is where I ordered my emerald green mini MA from a couple months ago. they have a 21 day return policy and free shipping. But the deal that JARMOM posted sounds really good! Good luck!!! :smile:

  9. Ooooh JARMOM, what survey? I am getting so excited!!:yahoo:
  10. Here is the link. I hope this helps.

  11. Ended up ordering it from tobi.com. Order is supposed to ship out today! I can't wait. Didn't get as good a deal as I'd hoped, but then again. I really wanted that bag.