where to look for serial number

  1. Hi, This is my second post. I put a photo of a black leather hobo in here for you all to help me determine if its real or fake. I havent got a responce other than I posted in the wrong spot. I now have the post in the correct spot -I think-but I will be looking at the bag first thing in the morning. I was wondering if there is a particular place that Coach places its serial # and what I should look for to determin if the bag is real or not.

    Thanks so much-I'm new to all this and don't want to get burned.
  2. sorry for the delay in responding to your authentication question. but, for future reference, just be patient! sometimes we skip over what people write by accident. or else people only write about the bags they are sure of.

    and the serial number is written on the leather patch that is sewn on the inside of the bag. no serial number=fake.
  3. Thanks so much for both of your replies. Why would you not buy from Craigs list? I can look at, and touch the bag and dont have to pay shipping. I bought a few things off Craigs list, but not a purse. I will make sure to look for a serial #. But dont knock offs also have serial numbers? What do you think a fair price for this bag would be? I did see one on e-bay it was called the hampton soho bag style # 159541.
    Thanks again
  4. i wouldn't go looking for *authentic* stuff on craig's list, that's all. it's just like ioffer- you just don't go there and expect to get an authentic bag (though they are there, of course).
  5. Well I bought the bag this morning. It was smaller than I thought, but for $60.00 I was excited to own my first Coach bag. The serial # is N2F38-8541. I hope its real. Can anyone tell me the year it was made by the serial number?
    Thanks for your help!