where to locate color code of my bag?

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  1. hi gals,

    where can i locate the color code of my beige gst?
    i read in this forum that there are new beige, old beige, light beige, beige tan.. are there any difference?

    anyone can tell me if the beige gst (purchased in dec 2009) is which shade of beige??

    thanks in advance!! :P
  2. Hmm... How about the box? Usually the box has a sticker with a similar code as well.
  3. Is your GST similar color to this beige? (This isn't too great pic, I'm sorry about that.)


    Then your bag is light beige, the "official" beige Chanel started to use for their permanent classic bags since 09C. This beige is sometimes called new beige, light beige, beige clair... But it's all the same. I think the chance is pretty high the one you got is this beige since you bought it just couple month ago.

    The "old beige" is much darker and slightly mustardy color. You could lots of pics of that color in the reference in this forum. (Pics of the light/new beige are bountiful as well)
  4. thanks alot for your responses, babes!!!

    nanamiryu, (are you a japanese?) your classic is super lovely!
    i think my gst should be light beige cos it looks light under some lightings...
    anyway, as long as it's a chanel, it'll be lovely :smile:

  5. Thanks for the info! Was wondering this!! I definately prefer the new beige... not really into the mustardy old one :biggrin:

    What was the "old beige" called?