Where to live or travel based largely on food?

  1. Anyone feel that way?

    I often make statements like "I have to live in or near a big city because of the FOOD!" or "I want to go Peru for some ceviche"

    I know the world is becoming smaller and it's easier to get authentic food, but I remember when I went to the UK for a school conference and all the meals were bland (it was a small town so we ate at the cafeteria), and then we went to London and all the food was kinda bland too...I ended up eating a lot because I never felt satisfied.

    I feel like I need at least a good Chinese (specifically Sichuanese, Taiwanese, and Cantonese/dimsum), Thai, Japanese (especially sushi), Indian, and Italian restaurant besides the typical suburban restaurants if I were to move out of NYC. I will settle for several especially good restaurants of one of those (eg if I live in Italy for a while or something). Have I been spoiled? Lol.....:sweatdrop:

    On a side note, I'm perfectly okay with living off of MRE's or pasta and trail mix for a while.
  2. When I have a trip planned the first thing I do is find out where the great restaurants are to eat at...the food makes the trip!

    Of the places I traveled I liked the food best at: Spain (tortilla espanolas, tapas), Korea (bibimbap), and Chicago. My husband wants to plan a trip to Japan just to eat!!!

    Hawaii is great for Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese) and is the birth place of pacific rim cuisine (all of these influences rolled up into a unique style). There's also this trend here of Italian Restaurants run by Vietnamese (I'm sure not authentic but yummy nonetheless).
  3. If you are talking about another US city to moved to, I would suggest Seattle. Seattle would have all the types of food you are looking for. Vancouver in Canada would also have all those types too.
  4. SO and I plan to travel a bit when we get older, and we plan on hitting only destinations that specialize in foods that we enjoy. We'd like to go to Italy, Spain, Paris, Greece (more me than him), Mexico, etc.

    I love living in South Carolina because I love southern American food! Plus, Charlotte NC has a decent selection of foreign specialty restaurants.
  5. cola262, it says you are in NYC. No place else in the US has such diversity and great food. I get what you mean about the UK and the bland food.
  6. London has good ethnic restaurants. Pub grub can give you an inexpensive taster of English food then you can also find upmarket restaurants for English fare. Canteen food is bland so I don't blame you for thinking English food is bland. If you want cheap but tasty Indian food in the UK you've got to go to Southall in West London, Green Street or Brick Lane in East London or Tooting in South London. All can be reached on the London Underground. Once you get there you'll think you're in India, well sort of. So it's like two holidays for the price of one!

    If moving out of NYC I can't really advise since I don't know this country very well. However, on the tv Seattle or San Fran look fab!
  7. As a resident, I have to say that San Francisco has fabulous food.
  8. ^^^OOOOPs, I forgot about San Fran (my all time favorite city). Fab food in San Fran!
  9. As far as traveling, the food at our destination is a big reason that we travel.

    We went to italy on our honeymoon for the food

    We often used to go New Orleans for the food

    (haven't been since Katrina... I'm afraid to go back and see the devastation... I'm from there and it would hurt too much to see my beloved city in sheds... but that's another post).

    I am already salivating over the pacific rim cusine that we will be sampling when we go to hawaii next year

    We have favorite restaurants in every city that we visit regularly
  10. woohoo, I love the food board, it makes me hungry, and yay for more people who love food like me! =)
  11. Ditto on SF... after living in LA and going to school near NYC and Philly, SF hands down has the best food in nearly every culture. Love it!!

    I do have to say that the east coast rocks for Chinese, Italian, and Carribean foods, whereas the west coast kicks butt in Mexican and Thai.

  12. Ooooh, you'll love pac rim cuisine and this is where you should go:


    Alan Wongs
    Lu'raku (more asian fusion)
    Sansei (Heavy Japanese Flavor)

    Sam Choy's Breakfast Lunch and Crab
  13. if i could find a job in korea... I would LOVE to live there.....
    eating yummy authentic korean food everyday.... hmmmm.....:tup:
  14. Philippines and China :biggrin: