Where to live in Miami area

  1. Hi everyone. My husband and I chose to take a job in the Miami, Fl area and we are moving in 2 weeks~:yahoo:But.. we have no idea what areas are good to live in, so i thought i would get a little help from you guys. :sweatdrop: Im sweeting it tyring to get everything together, packed and trying to do research all at once. His job is actually down by homestead kinda, but on the water (Nuc power plant). We want to live more up toward Miami because Homestead is away from everything and we want to be by the city...and of course close to shopping ;) But he dont want to be more than 30-45 mins away tops too. So that is putting us in the Kendall or Pinecrest area just to give you reference. Any ideas greatly appreciated!
    Thanks, Crystal
  2. I live in the UK but my partner & I plan to move to Miami as soon as possible we are looking at Pinecrest, we spent some time there driving & looking around the different areas and that one appealed to us most. We don't have children or plan on it but I believe the schools are pretty good too, hopefully someone from the aera will be able to give you a little more help
  3. Are you buying or renting?
  4. Is your husband working at the Turkey Point FPL plant? The state agency I work for regulates air emissions for the plant.

    Anywho, Pinecrest seems to be a nice area to live in. I wouldn't live in Homestead. It's too far from Miami. Be prepared for everything to be more expensive - housing (whether it's renting or buying), homeowner's insurance, property taxes, gasoline, etc.

    Good luck to you and DH! I live in Palm Beach County, and grew up in South Florida. It has its ups and downs. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the area or anything else :smile:
  5. i would say pinecrest as well, but i don't really know those areas very well.
    good luck!
  6. You renting? Buying? What's your occupation? Do you have to consider schools? I don't know a bit about Pinecrest, and I'm not from the South Florida area or anything, but I have "in-laws" who live in Kendall...and I love it! I've visited them maybe six or seven times since I've been with the BF and stayed with them for about a week each time. My BF's sister lives down the street from Sunset Park Elementary in Kendall (not sure what the neighborhood is called, though), so what I know about the area is only from a visitor's perspective. I was talking to one of her sons one visit, and he said that he wants to move out of the whole Miami-Dade area because the cost of living is so high. The houses in the neighborhoods I go to are modest in size, and the homes are older, although there are newer subdivisions, I'm sure. My BF's sister's house is only a 3BR/3BA but right now it's value is about half a million dollars. It would cost that much to purchase it...and you can get a house of the same dimensions and of a comparable age where I live (in GA) for around $125,000-$150,000! Crowding seems to be a big area from what some of the residents tell me. For example, my BF's sister added two small studio-type apartments onto her house, and she rents them out for about $800 or so per month...and this is one bedroom, kitchenette, and bathroom! And when they are vacant she literally has to turn people away from coming to see them because it's so hard to find somewhere to live (this is what I'm told by the residents). Again, where I live, $800 per month (which, admittedly, isn't THAT much until you compare it to other places) would get you a 2 or 3 BR apartment with a couple bathrooms and other rooms, and in a nice neighborhood, too. Not a studio.

    If you're going to Kendall, be advised that lots of the residents speak Spanish as a first language, or ONLY Spanish, which is not a bad thing...I just stand out like a sore thumb when I'm there because I don't speak Spanish well or understand it. Naturally, most of the people I interact with when I go there are Hispanic, so I don't know where the non-Hispanic residents live in and around Kendall. I'm not trying to be funny or anything, but I don't think I've seen any non-native speakers of Spanish or people NOT of Spanish/Latino/Hispanic descent at any time when I've been in Kendall! They're there, though, or so I'm told. Somewhere.

    One thing I was surprised to find out was that although the cost of living is two or three times higher there than where I am, the pay for lots of jobs is only comparable. Teachers don't make much more than they do where I am, and I'm sure it's the same for other occupations. However, if you're in a high paying field it wouldn't matter about the cost of living because you can afford it.

    I do know that many of the residents of that whole area are having MAJOR homeowners insurance problems, since they live in a prime area which is a target for hurricanes. My BF's sister has neighbors who are still fighting their insurance companies for KATRINA damage, for Pete's sake. Some of the residents are having major policy issues, like getting them cancelled and so forth. So it could be hard getting a place insured...but then again that would be the whole Miami Dade area, not just Kendall.

    Yet and still, I wouldn't mind living in Miami. I've considered living there, but I doubt if I ever will.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help, but good luck with your move! Maybe someone who lives in Kendall or Pinecrest will read this thread and help you out!
  7. Bienvenidos!

    I've lived in South Fla for almost 20 years, and am wildly in love with it still. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else, except maybe Key West.:tup:

    That being said, I would highly advise that you rent a place near your husband's work for the first few months you're here, and once you get used to the area then consider buying. Homestead is a heck of a drive from Miami, especially during peak hours (7am-10am, then 4pm-7pm), and neighborhoods everywhere here can be tricky if you're not familiar (i.e., $ 2million mansions within waking distance to the 'hood). I live in Golden Beach, which is in Northeast Miami on A1A, and my husband has a 45min-1 1/2 hour commute daily to Coral Gables (maybe 15 miles away), depending on the traffic.

    Then there's sticker shock...everything here is expensive, particularly insurance and property taxes (also food, gas, veterinarians, restaurants, you name it), and what can be afforded comfortably elsewhere isn't necessarily the case here. There's a large discrepancy between salaries and the cost of living here....a lot of poverty and wealth, but a shrinking middle class.

    There are pockets of places I adore here...Coconut Grove, parts of Miami Beach, Bal Harbour...but I admit I'm partial to everything East of US-1/Biscayne Blvd, and rarely venture west of I-95 unless I'm going to Sawgrass Mall. Poor Homestead really "got it" during hurricane Andrew, and I find that places like Homestead and Kendall have much less "personality" than the areas further East. JMO.

    I love the diversity, energy, and spirit of South Florida, and have met some lovely, dear friends here. There's a large Caribbean/South American/Latin/Cuban influence, and you'll definitely learn an appreciation of Spanish and Churrasco steak with chimichurri sauce! There's never a dull moment...always some sort of festival going on. And yes, even though I work 40 hrs/week, I always feel like I'm on vacation. Other people I know have said this, as well!

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions...I hope you grow to love it here as much as I do. ;)
  8. There is so much crime down in the Miami area. You really have to be careful where you are going to rent/live. Do not jump into something without checking it out. I would take a gated community over a regular neighborhood. If you don't have kids a condo or townhouse that offers you things to do is fun. Hubby and I lived in Miami ages ago (before South Beach was hot) but we lived on Biscayne Bay on the water and I really can't say much about Miami except there are great things to do. But I have also worked in neighborhoods that one was not allowed to walk out the building unless a large guy from shipping walked you across the street to the 7-11 store. This was a shock to me since I never had to deal with it up north. So for me and future friends it was hard to know where one was safe to go and where one needed to stay out of.
    The pace is slower down there and you do feel like it is a permanent vacation. I also found the people very friendly and you can talk to anyone at any time. I met so many interesting people from just chatting in a store or coffee shop.
    Good luck with the move, I think you will love.
    Most important advice I will give: Wear sunscreen everyday.........Enjoy all the good shopping and go with a open mind because it will be a fun experience and a different way of life.
  9. Hi Crush, as a native of Miami I can tell you there are literally TONS of different neighborhoods you could look at, but I wouldn't go much further north than Kendall (knowing that your hubby will be working in Homestead). One thing I would warn you about is living very far out West. Building in the South Miami-Dade County area has just about reached the edge of the Everglades, and it can take a VERY long time to simply reach any highway during rush hour (and then you have to deal with the traffic on the actual highway)!

    That said, I think Pinecrest is an excellent neighborhood, great area, etc. It is pricey but if you can do it, then do it!

    Good luck and feel free to PM me with any questions or to ask about specific neighborhoods.
  10. From Columbus to Miami???!!

    Vlad and I are moving from Columbus to Ft Lauderdale in 3 weeks :yes:

    Anyhow, I grew up in South Miami, around the Kendall area, right by Coral Reef. I lived there during Hurricane Andrew, which flattened the land and it is still trying to build back up.

    We then lived in Pinecrest which is a very nice area. There are great schools around there and it is a great area. It is pricey from what I remember last.

    You should rent first I would like- check the area out and see what you like.

    There is a problem with people speaking Spanish and no English. I have NO problem with people speaking Spanish, but it is VERY frustrating when they do not speak English. You will come across this a LOT.

    It will be quite the change from Columbus, but it is nice there!
  11. Hey everyone, Thank you so much for the replys so far. I have lots to write back and lots of pming. I have been sick for the past few days, so i just got around to checking everything. I will post tomorrow. Good night!
  12. I just want to repeat this. I'm a latin girl, but I don't speak a lick of spanish. Everyone speaks to me in Spanish and when I tell them I don't speak spanish they get annoyed with me. :shrugs:

    I also think that the pricing thing is all a matter of opinion, I live in South Beach, so (housing) prices here are higher than Kendall/Homestead... but, I had moved here from LA and when I moved here I thought the pricing was way better than so cal PLUS no state income tax!
  13. I agree with the spainish thing in fact I'm learning now so I'm ready to go once I get there, you may also want to consider building a home there are quite a few land parcels around pinecrest so you could build a house to your needs obviously this would take time but you would get your dream home
  14. i love miami and am particularly fond of Bal Harbour!
  15. ROFL!!!! I have lived in Miami for hhhmmmm, well, lets just say many, many years, and guess where.......Pinecrest, LOL....and.....have been a Realtor for also many, many years, know the area quite well and the market quite well,., pm. for any questions and I would be glad to help you all I can. By the way, our market is down and inventory is high up there, so this is a great shopping opportunity, Good Luck and you will enjoy our Cosmopolitan, fun city.....with its many styles of living and its diversity...you will not be bored here. :heart:H