Where to have LV Alma Zipper Repaired?


Purse Slut
Dec 14, 2006
Western NY
I have an authentic LV Alma bag which I purchased a few years ago on ebay, but one of the side zippers isn't properly aligned. I know it is authentic, because I had the LV store in Short Hills, NJ look at it (before the zipper malfunctioned.) Not sure how old the bag is exactly, but it does not have the interior pocket for a cellphone, so it has to be, what... at least 5 years old? More than that? It is in very good condition, but unusable at the moment. I'm kinda wondering what to do with it. I'm reluctant to take it to a local shoemaker -- I don't want it damaged or its value reduced. I guess I would like to have it repaired and then maybe try to sell it myself on ebay. Would anybody be interested in it, do you think? And where to take it/send it for repairs? Any suggestions? Many thanks!:confused1:


Le temps devant soi
Dec 17, 2006
do not worry ... just bring them in to the boutique

depends on the zipper, it will cost u around AU$50-100 to replace a zipper

but u will have to wait for a few weeks to get it done (30-60 days)


Sep 20, 2006
I'm not sure but I've read on the forum before that if an outside source repairs a piece of LV, LV the store will not touch it anymore. Better to go to LV to get it done.