Where to have bags authenticated

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  1. Hello,
    Where would I look besides Caroldiva to have bags and accessories authenticated to resell. This would not be for personal use. Thanks
  2. Hi, I moved your thread to the ebay_forum. I think you'll get more answers here, also see this thread for listed AT services Bought a fake? PLEASE READ HERE!

  3. Caroldiva used to have a good reputation for authenticating LV bags but in the last 10 years, she's been doing any and every other brand that someone asks about and has many a lot of mistakes.

    No one can be expert in all brands so I personally prefer to use a service that uses different authenticators for different brands.

    I've used authenticate4u and fakespotters, both of which use brand specialists.

    The following can also be trusted IMO for the brands they specialize in:
    Castira: Gucci
    Etinceler: Chanel
    Bababebi: Hermes

    There are some other services that I (personally) can't recommend as they've been proven to make a lot of mistakes.

    Although authenticating isn't an exact science and with the proliferation of some
    superfakes, it's a harder job, many of the mistakes I've seen in the brands I know are obvious ones that shouldn't have been made. (i.e., the items weren't superfakes - not even close!)