Where to go?

  1. Does anyone know where besides a Chloe boutique you can go to get your purse authenticated? Will Neiman Marcus do it? I know about mypoupette but I don't want to send my bag away!
  2. You can always post lots of pics here in our Authenticate This Chloe thread for our incredible members to take a look and authenticate. Go check it out- they are amazing!
  3. Hi, I did that but I'd really like to have someone do it in person...Mypoupette authenticated it also, but I just want to be SURE!! :yes:
  4. My Chloe boutique wouldn't do it. They were a bunch of beyotches! :sad:

    I ended up taking it to Saks Fifth Avenue and they were soooooooo nice. One of the nicest sa's ever! :tup: