Where to go to authenticate my bag for Paypal?

  1. Hi,

    I recently bought a fake dior gaucho bag and filed a claim with paypal. Only after 40 days, Paypal is finally asking me to send in paper proof that the bag is not authentic.

    Where should I go other than the Dior store which I was told by some sources do not provide paper authentication. Other sources other than My poupette? How long does my poupette generally take?

    Pls help!! Should I cancel the paypal claim and just file with my credit card?

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. My Poupette can write letters for eBay if she authenticates Dior bags. She does charge a minimal amount.
  3. Yes that is what I was going to suggest. Contact them. I believe Paupal will take them as independant authenticators
  4. Hi, thanks do you know if the Dior store authenticates bags too? thanks!

  5. Just wondering if there are other service authenticators out there who charge a lower amount? Thanks!
  6. I had the same thing happen to me, I filed a claim and the only way they would reward in my favor was if I proved authenticity.. I contacted mypoupette and got the auction said to be a fake, She wrote a letter and paypal didnt accept it, saying that it was an "outside source"!?!??!
  7. Paypal and eBay accept Certificate of Non Authenticity from Mypoupette and from Caroldiva. Louis Vuitton nor Dior would not authenticate officially, certainly would not put it in writting.
  8. Does Caroldiva do Dior bags? Or just Louis Vuitton?