Where to go shopping whilst in Hong Kong

Mar 8, 2006
I hope this is the right place to put this thread...I was asked to write down my HK shopping haunts, so I hope some of you find this useful. These are IMO the best of the best places to find great stuff for less in HK.

1. Milan Station (no suprises here...we talk about it all the time! A second-hand bag shop that generally has most of the latest styles, but where you can also find great bargains on older style designer bags. The price IS negotiable, so make sure to ask for the "best" price.)

2. Peddar Building (located on Peddar St. in Central HK, this building has about 7 floors of independant shops. Many sell clothes that were originally intended for the U.S., but have somehow made their way to HK instead. You can find BCBG, cashmere, designer jeans, etc... Also, on the 3rd floor there are a couple of consignment shops that have designer clothes and bags. Again, you would ask for a discount)

3. South Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau ( 27 floors of shopping. Mostly furniture and antiques and goodies for the home, BUT...there is a Lane Crawfor outlet and a Joyce outlet, which are both very high-end clothing stores here in HK. There are fabulous bargains to behold...think 90% off of retail sometimes!!!

4. Fai Yuen Street in Mong Kok ( 2 blocks of factory outlet stores with a market that runs up the middle. A total scavenger hunt, but so fun...and SO CHEAP!!! Kids clothes galore, as well as men's and women's. A ton of major brands from the U.S. can be found here.

That is all that my brain can think of so early in the morning, but I will add more as they come to mind!!!
So helpful..am about to go to HK on 30th and 31st Dec. Will all shops be open (hope so!!0 Also where can I find
1. good bags at good prices!
2. Hello Kitty stuff for kids!!!
also any great restaurants I should know/book???
Hello Kitty stuff can either be found at Fai Yeun street in Mong Kok, or Ladies Market which is also in Mong Kok.
As far as restaurants, if you want someplace upscale and trendy, the #1 place IMO, and where we always take people from out of town is to Aqua restaurant in the Peking One Building in Tsim Tsa Tsui. It is awesome!!!! The telephone # is (852)34272288. You will love it!!!! On the 31st, it will be crazy for New Year's so I would recommend trying to book a reservation, and then plan on staying there for the festivities, if possible. They have a nice bar upstairs. You DO NOT....want to go to Lan Kwai FOng on New Year's Eve...so if anyone suggests it...DON"T DO IT!!!!
The good bags at good prices...go to Milan Station. Other than that, there is eveyr designer store imaginable, but prices are the same.
So helpful..am about to go to HK on 30th and 31st Dec. Will all shops be open (hope so!!0 Also where can I find
1. good bags at good prices!
2. Hello Kitty stuff for kids!!!
also any great restaurants I should know/book???

Hi! If you want authentic Hello Kitty goods...check out the Sanrio shops at Harbour City Mall in Kowloon & at the SOGO kids department in Causeway Bay. Toys R Us in Kowloon & Causeway Bay also got a modest sized corner of Sanrio goods.

As to finding good bags at good prices...you may want to check out Island Beverly in Causeway Bay which is right across the street of SOGO Department store.

Happy shopping,

we've spent several New Year's Eve at HK. we always make sure we stay at Marco Polo hotels, so we can have a great view of the harbour, where fireworks display looks marvelous! :yes:

shopping in that area is also recommended. all designer shops are there already, you don't have to go to some place else (unless, they don't have stocks of the item you're looking for). a Milan Station store is also near in that area.
I love Hong Kong shopping threads.. they inspire my imagination to work overtime ;)

Hello Kitty goods can be found at Sanrio stores, they have great selection and are in almost any shopping centre..

As for cheaper bags, there are many Milan Stations sprinkled throughout, and there's a few other 2nd hand stores that sell great stuff - you'll recognize them because they will have their entire window display of gorgeous bags :smile: There is one near Times Square, and another near Lan Kwai Fong. And don't be afraid to step into the actual boutiques (ie. Dolce & Gabbana, Celine, Versace, Cavalli) because they will have some great sales at the end of the year. I'm not sure about LV or Chanel though..

Here's another thread about HK shopping.. toiletduck gave some great tips! http://forum.purseblog.com/general-discussion/hong-kong-shopping-tips-37769.html
hi, where are the best shops to go to for nice clothes but cheap, not designer... my friend said they are called micro malls.. where abouts r they located?

There's lots of them in Causeway Bay. I always go to Island Beverly & Causeway Place. They sell nice, hip & cheap clothings. Shoes & accessories too.

Island Beverly is just right across SOGO department store & Causeway Place is just nearby. While you're in Causeway Bay, dont forget to visit Time Square mall.

I've been to a store near Times Square shopping center that had a pretty amazing selection of serious designer goodies - all in immaculate condition and amazing prices. Maybe it's the same place cupcake talks about?